Sunday, January 18, 2004

Man, oh man. It's only the first month of this year, but it feels like I've drained myself of all the energy I'd need to have a year's worth of partying and having fun. This weekend has been pretty wild, like it's been a glimpse into what the next few years will turn out to be. AND IT LOOKS GOOD. Friday was a kick-back/party at Geno's, celebrating his 21st. Food, Drinks, Soul Calibur. It was a grand. And now, the question has been thrown into the air by my cousins, "Hey Rodney, you're the next to turn 21." Oh snap, I am.
Saturday, it was a jam-packed day, where I hopped from one party/kick-back to the next, and I barely saw sleep (or home, for that matter) for an age. After leaving some mundane semi-family party, I headed over to the Gali's for a bbq/kickback. The usual suspects were there, plus Alex, Patrick, Jon, Van, and Roberta. La vie du plaisir, je parle. From shootin the breeze, seeing the compiled set of pictures from the cabin, jammin, and just chillin oldschool in the front yard. The night was still young.
After the bbq, I headed back to Geno's, where the greatest part of the weekend would go down. There was barely anyone there at first, but slowly and surely, they trickled in. After an early round of Halo, I retreated into Geno's room to jam on his electric guitar, and then some other folks wandered in. They didn't know I played guitar, so I played a little bit for them. Soon, more people crowded in, as I rocked the guitar, and Robbie picked up Geno's MIDI keyboard, and even Geno grabbed his flute/recorder to join in. We played for nearly an hour, composing some cool beats, accompanied by power chords and a flute tune. The entire time, someone would attempt a freestyle flow, which made the moment feel like true hip-hop. We gathered an audience outside the door, watching us perform. Junior dubbed us "The Shuttlecocks." Eventually, the crowd dissipated, as they were all wondering whats next. Geno and I played some Soul Calibur until the moment of truth came to fruition.
We gathered at least 6 more people to come through, assembled 2 more TV's, and had the largest gathering of the Corpuz clan to play team Halo. It was a MARATHON; we played until 6 or so in the morning, and I didnt even go home until 10am. I'm spent. Now, back to normalcy, and hopefully, employment.

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