Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Great Scott, I saw HER today. Not the, "Her" as in Claudia, no no no, this is a far greater reference to HER, the ultimate HER. In comparison, Claudia fuckin' PALES in retrospect to HER. SHE is the tantamount definition of "out of my league," where I admit that I have a straight man's chance in a lesbian heaven to even get close enough to feel the awesomeness of HER very aura. For a minute, I had feared SHE had completely forgotten me, as I sat there oh-so obviously stunned by HER appearance. I rarely (as in once in a semester, if I'm lucky) ever see HER, so this was a surprise that had me briefly elated. She's the dream-girl, the destroyer of confidence, hell, my mind is on this retarded loop mode, where all I'm thinking about right now is every aspect of HER. SHE's, by leaps and bounds, more beautiful than any girl I personally know in this whole wide world, plus SHE's an artist to boot. I'm nearing the one-month mark with all the thing's I've abstained from, but all I want to do is betray my willpower and vent because of HER. Perfect smile, eyes, body, personality, smile, sense of style, smile, voice, smile GAHHHHH. The unattainable Aphrodite of my desires. Her name is Natalee.

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