Monday, December 03, 2012

Post-ice cream visual stimulation- Remedio Varos and others

Y'know, sometimes the universe replies to one's individual need for satisfaction. This time serendipity expressed itself as as a display of this person's work. I was eating cookies a la mode with my hot choco and within this timeframe decided to stumble for art; I needed a severe dosage of creative fuel. Ideas of surrealist mindscapes have called to me lately in these compact dreams I have in those anxious snippets of sleep I can claim.

My appreciation for art has its roots in Dali and the surrealists, although I cannot claim to be an expert on the subject considering that I just now discovered this artist. Calling upon the viewer to immerse oneself rather than subjugate or gravitate, I can truly get down with Varo's ideas. Where some surrealists appropriate the familiar to apply turbulent desires, the artist seems to harvest spiritual energies from within. This presents scenes both intriguing and repulsive, like a train wreck of plush dolls.
Also, in anticipation of starting a tumblr for artsy stuff that isn't quite the obituary that is artofact, I am scheduling myself blocks of the week for different types of the hope that I can be productive on various levels. Revizion will be more of the music video/†╫®§Ð¥ЋɌɰÐШⁿ thing I well as random personal entries considering there is a deep backlog of journal entries.. As underused as artofact is, I'd like to keep it as a fiction outlet for literature I have produced.

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