Friday, May 09, 2003

i think i'll rescind my previous policy of limiting information regarding my romantic life. let's just say i got a slight wake up call today, and not just because it was 6:45 in the morning. i spent the better half of my day in the company of my ex-girlfriend, and if you know me, i used to speak quite lowly of her (sorry Carol, if you ever read this). that practice, along with isolating my current affairs, are going to change in the coming weeks/months. so yeah, Carol and i went on a 'date,' although it cannot be called one, considering she has a boyfriend. mcdonalds breakfast, starbucks ,movie, in & out lunch, good times all around. i started to rethink the way i nonchalantly deny people access to my private life, and how dumb it was for me to do so. in the past week or two, i've been divulging info to certain people, including her, that i had hesitated to acknowledge in the past. it's just not healthy to bottle it up.
today was a really good day. i'm a little bit happier now. work didn't even phase me today, as i just dicked around and had a good time earning my $8.30 an hour. my cute co-worker Anh, whom i hope to get in a few dates with over the summer, was there today, which brightened my day further. co-worker Matt was around as well, and we actually we conversed, which made this day all the more worthwhile. he caught me 'mackin' on Anh, although i'd consider it just normal, friendly conversation, and he highly approved of her. when i rolled up to him (literally, i was in a rolling chair), i commented on how HOT the girl that sat across from him today was (refer to blog entry dated 4/15/2003), he had me laughing because he agreed, but also said that she was sexy, but dim. hahah. apparently, she's a ditz. eh, good enough for me, hah. he went on to say that Anh is quite the looker and encouraged me to get in on that. thats what i'm looking forward to this summer, going out with Anh. and getting a new job. mmm, money. still not sure about summer school, maybe i'll elect to skip it this year.
additionally, i think i'll be taking up cigarette smoking as something of a mild habit. i basically need something to do during my breaks at work, and smoking with co-workers sounds appealing to me. bah.