Friday, March 19, 2004

It's 9am. I've got a job interview with the Department of Justice at 11:30am. I've got one class at 10:00-10:50am. I've got work scheduled at 12:30pm. I'm doing barrel rolls in the stratosphere. I'MFUCKINGDOOMED.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Good fuckin-Times

Monday- worked, earned my $7.80 an hour, came home. A kick-it at Jen's was a-brewin, but alas, I was condemned by my parents. But I got my paycheck, so it panned out somehow.

Tuesday- school. talked to Dave, was finally able to convince him that I could give him a ride home. came home, talked to several folks about pulling a guerilla kick-back in lieu of me not being able to last night. I rounded up Pat and Jaime, the responsible adults of the group, and had them buy some booze to get the night rolling. We try to hunt down Alex, but came up empty. We try to 'invade' Jen's house on our own, but failed. So we dropped by Robert's and picked him and Nick up. We make it to Jen's place, with booze and Playstation2 ready. This time, we're able to get in with Robert's help, and wait for Jen to get home from work. She is greeted with liquor and cigarettes. Jasmine and Kiel eventually show up, bringing Pat some lau-lau. BOMB-ASS FOOD. Jaime and I head out early, but not with consuming a healthy supply of beer.

Wednesday- more work.

Thursday- I skip one of my classes because I left my wallet at work and had to drive all the way out to Bradshaw rd. to retrieve it. I get home and chat with Rob and Pat, who are down to get another night of kicking it organized. All in all, I leave Jen's early once again, but this time, not in time to see more people arrive.

Friday- work is just a 6 hour delay from a party night. Jasmine/Jamie are throwing a house party/bbq for their older sister. Ryan goes balls out and attends, and we stop by the 'Philippines" on Mack rd. to pick up two cases of San Miguel. It turned out to be one of those perfect kick-back nights: fair weather, barbecque, beers, and our old friend Mary. Ryan, Jaime, and I leave around 1am, but the night didn't turn out bad at all. Needless to say, the presence of cute female guests made the shindig a better time.

Saturday- I wake up with the slight after-effects of Miss Mary's charm, but I'm urged to action when Leo calls to trade his Wacom tablet for my Gameboy. DEAL. Talk to Alex, and I help him hitch a ride with Ryan/Jaime to Rob's house. After a shower, I'm ready to hang out at Rob's as well. Slightly dislocated from the rest of reality, I pull together to become the driver to yet another night of festivities. Alex, Jaime, Rob, and I drop by Jen's work (Steve's Pizza) to eat pizza and drink beer. In short time, the four of us are buzzed and laughing. Freudian slips here, manly contests of eating food topped with chili there, it was a GOOD TIME. Alex makes calls, and finally convinces me to head downtown for a night of Sacramento's second Saturdays. Re:Vibe is a bust, but we walk over to Infusion to find the place is packed beyond capacity for an open mic night. I bump into some of the folks (Elisa , Henry, Brian, Renato), as well the kind of people that can destroy and uplift your self-esteem. The "Hers." We cut out early; I knew I couldn't step up to the pressure of the moment. Instead, we head back Souf and pick up Jen. A quick liquor run and gas-up, and back downtown to kick-it at Alex's we go. He makes some calls, and we find that Ada is kicking back with friends at her place. A short drive later, and we're somewhere off Broadway, and hot-boxing an office room and talking Lockeian.

A productive week, no?