Saturday, February 15, 2003

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon is pretty fucking sick. Way better than the show of the early 90's. This latest incarnation is actually a little bit more true to the original comics. Still oozes with the essence of the 90's version, though. Arkanium (now cancelled) penciller, LeSean Thomas is set to do the TMNT comic for Dreamwave. Yay for LeS.
Khary Randolph, a.k.a. Kaligula, one of my iconic comic artists on the Net, is pencilling Spiderman: Legend of the Spider Clan #5, replacing Skottie Young for the issue (hopefully the rest of the series?). From what I've seen, Kali 'freaks' the pages of the Spiderman spin-off. I haven't seen Skottie's work on Spider Clan, but I highly prefer Khary to be penciller for the series, he deserves it. Much props to Kali.

Still wondering if I can launch my own comic project sometime this year. Damned resolutions. They never work out. Besides, I still have a lot to learn before I can actually produce a quality comic. Bah.
24 hours can do wonders for reflective thought. It's been roughly a whole day since the Valentine's Day date of DOOM, and I'm actually drawing fond memories of that night of ego-crushing proportions. From what I'm told, the Daredevil movie was quite the bust, although I'm still committed to seeing every Marvel movie and owning the DVD from here on out. Ok, onto the happy reminiscing.

She takes my right hand while I'm driving (I drive with my left hand) and thanks me for being her Valentine. Unfortunately, she later jokes to me that I wouldn't have had a Valentines if it weren't for her.

She's overjoyed that I made a copy of Justin Timberlake's "Justified" album for her. She gets excited pretty easily.

She compares me to an friend of her's in Cincinatti (not sure if thats a good or bad thing), in that I can just as easily share a love of music with her.

She insists on taking both my Valentine's Day CD compilations (the infamous straw that broke the date's proverbial back), "Love Sucks" and "Love Rocks." Being the sap that I am, I let her have them. Of course I can just record more.

We sing off-key and horribly to the sounds of Dashboard Confessional and New Found Glory.

Dinner at On the Border. "Was the waiter's name Rod or Rob?"

We talked about family. I convince her that a German Shepherd is way better than a Yellow Labrador, and that a mop dog sucks in comparison to a bloodhound. Ultimately, she decides that she'll get both the lab and the shepherd, with a small house dog to neglect and live in the shadow of the coolest outdoor dogs ever.

Two sons and two daughters or three daughters and one son? She chooses the latter, while I insist on the former. I know far too well the joys of being the only son, but she's adamant on "babying" her only son. Hah.

She slips up and says she doesn't want our children to compete against each other. She quickly apologizes, and we laugh.

We overate at On the Border, and chill in my car for a bit. I'd rather not drive on a full stomach. She keeps insisting that we hurry up and go, and warns, "You'll never make it with a Mexican girlfriend if you don't suck it up like a man and drive!" I am suspect to believe she's not very good at dropping subtle hints.

She repeatedly says that she's having a lot of fun, and that we're having a great date. Yet again, I'm led to believe that subtlety is not her strong suit. Either that, or she's the worst liar I've met thus far. Oddly enough, I choose to believe the latter.

When we finished our date, and arrived at my house and to her car, I gave her both the candy roses I forced my youngest sister to make for me. She instead chooses to keep one and let me have the other one. Not sure what that's supposed to mean. She warns me not to eat the candy.

I try sneak a kiss from her at the conclusion of our date, but she refrains. I can understand why me trying such a stunt was uncalled for, namely because we spent the last few hours of the date with her ex-boyfriend, of all people. If that's not the ultimate romantic mood killer, I don't know what is. Instead, she gives me a kiss on the cheek (damn*%$!), and leaves me with this:
me: "No kiss?"
her: "Not yet...but I promise it'll be worth waiting for..."
She smiles, I'm confused. Yet again.

As you can see, I live a torrid love life.
Possibly the weirdest outing with a girl since the last time we kicked it Halloween. I had the feeling today would be something of a bust. But in the end it wasnt that bad, just really...weird. Something like a karmic slap in the face, but it left me with one of those sinister "give me more" kind of smiles. I wonder how everyone else's Valentine's Day turned out. Not nearly as ACTION-PACKED with issues as my date tonight, I'm sure. Let's recap.
I worked during the afternoon, which set an already bitter taste in my mouth. Nothing like clocking out of work to try and pick up the pieces of your gloriously planned day. Went home, and already, the day was working towards it's disturbing climax. Instead of picking up the girl at her house, as was planned, she ended up dropping by my house, and leaving her car there while we (me, her, and her friend) killed some time and drove around my neighborhood.
8:00PM Dropped the friend off, and then phase 1 of THE date was supposed to commence. Instead, she gets second thoughts of watching Daredevil because of some opening-day-phobia. Eh. We go to the north part of town to maybe catch a movie at their Regal theaters, but again, she changes her mind. It's ok, the night is still young.
9:00PM We eat dinner at a mexican restaurant in the same plaza as the Regal theaters. We get full, and then go to a music store on broadway. I think every town has a broadway, so it's safe to label it as an improper noun.
10:15PM Music store, and urinations. All the soda I drank at the restaurant forced all the fluids to quickly escape. Not too clean a job. She buys a John Mayer CD and a spanish rock album. Enter the WEIRD.
10:45PM We head back to my car, and prepare to bump the new CD's she's bought. We load 'em, and pop the cartridge in. Technology DOES suck. It seems two CD's mysteriously jammed the loading slot. How? I don't know. We didn't even touch the two CD's that jammed. The universal solution? Her ex-boyfriend to the rescue. Now, I have nothing against the guy (I rather think he's a stand-up guy, although a stoner), but I did NOT expect something like this to happen, nor for him to enter the picture. Nevertheless, he did.
11:30PM We had to hunt him down in the south part of town, and met up with him at a Wal-Mart. He gives the console an inspection (he's a whiz at audio equipment), and says he's going to have to take the fucker apart completely to liberate the imprisoned CD's. He can't possibly operate in the middle of the parking lot like some back-alley surgeon, so we head over to his place even farther into the southern boonies of town where the proper tools are located.
11:45PM The fun has just begun. Me, the girl I'm on a date with, and her ex-boyfriend in one car once again (Halloween was the previous instance). We're relying on his skills to save the day. Thankfully he does, but not without thoroughly changing the mood of the otherwise fun date. As usual, I go mute, while his suave and oddly comedic personality kicks in, and she's in the back seat hanging out. I'm tired and wanting to blow my brains out onto the windshield.
12:45AM He fixes the problen, but the CD changer is otherwise fucked to Hell and back. It won't even play CDs now. But it can eject! Yay! Ugh. We double-back to where he left his car somewhere in Laguna (the commercial area of the southern suburbs), and drop him off. I am one step closer to ending this night.
1:00AM Back home, to where the night started. Still not closer to anything remotely according to the plan. I get no play. I guess I was better off, because all I needed was to just get home and finish myself off. Alas, I have no rope.

Actually, it was a great date, despite what happened towards the end of it. When it was only me and the girl, we were actually having fun. Something I doing remember us having in a while. Undoubtedly, tonight was my most memorable date, for the better part, and the worst part. Halloween was not a fun outing at all, although it was also me, her, the ex, and our friend. But Halloween lacked the substance that was present tonight. All I can do now is put this night behind me, because I won't be seeing her for at least another week or two, and I can certainly live with that. If I can push her out of my mind for now, it most certainly may be for the better.
And I'm spent. Happy Valentine's Day, fuckers.

Friday, February 14, 2003

"Why are rappers named 'Lil' now?"
"They're all getting smaller!"
Bah, I'm tired. The prospect of Valentine's day is distressing to my ego. Good night.

Monday, February 10, 2003

Hmm. Choices, choices. I have a myriad of choices when it comes to striking it on my own in the world. I can possibly move out to Florida and live with my cousin Geno, who's going to attend a school there. That'd be cool. I could move back to San Diego and somehow survive in my old hometown. I'm not sure what the living costs are down there, but I'll find out should I roadtrip there this summer.
Or, the dreaded choice of living in Sacramento is a large possibility. Several friends of mine are planning to get apartments/houses in Saramento, so there's my opportunity.
Of course, the biggest factor of actually moving out would have to be a stable, well-paying job to support rent, bills, and car payments. I've got a weekend job pretty much locked, unless I were to somehow screw up like I usually do, and lose it in some pathetic way. Job hunting sucks, too.
Also, the matter of my own car plays a large role in actually getting a job, and keeping one. My best bet is to buy a car around 2 grand or less. I've also got to drastically cut back on excess spenditures like snowboarding equipment and miscellaneous items.
Did I forget to mention that I've got to pay to repair for the three car's I've damaged? Yep.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Fuck. I'm screwed for at least half a year. I hit my neighbors car last night, and dented their driver side door pretty bad. Fuck you Ryan. You think you're such a perfect driver. Go crash into a fence or something. Pft.
Now I'm scrambling to get my thoughts together because I'm ready to flip the bird to each and every person from here on out. I'm going to buy myself a car, drop out of school for half a year, and move out of here as soon as I can. I could care less about what my parents say right about now. My mom has pretty much driven me to this decision, that controlling beast. I feel bad for Ryan for not having anywhere near the cajones to attempt an escape to freedom. The "real world" can be pretty harsh, but people can always come together to make it in the world. Don't expect to get along in the world without a little bit of help. I may as well walk the path of the derelict artist, and live paycheck to paycheck, hoping to "make it" in the art world, uneducated and self-taught. Ah, my dreams are coming true.