Tuesday, June 08, 2004

today was weird. it was chock full of surprise calls and dialogue...again...which is ok...i suppose. it was also full of mushy sentiment that just about bled through my pores. great day.
the alarm didnt wake me up, as it always doesn't. instead, the sound of a phone call brought me to consciousness, and this call was from Dave. i forget what it was about, but i'm sure it had something to do about the formation of this art club at CRC. woopty woop.
i got up, and proceeded with the normal routine of stagnation. i learned that i dont have work until next week, WHOA. later, i took a break from helping my dad to watch a movie or two (Cat in the Hat & Chasing Liberty). halfway through the movie, i got a call from Diabolicol, my floridian comrade, about SDCC plans. an hour or so after that, i get a call from Kirpal about potential freelance webdesign work for his promotions business, which is possibly extra cash in my pocket. then LATER, i get a call from the #3 about a 'surprise' party for her at Hamburger Mary's. I'm trying to get kosher with all the girls i've loved before, but i had to politely decline...which was to no avail because my phone cut out on me. sometime that night, i got a call from Rob about kicking it at Nolan's once more, which i had to pass on as well. and then lastly, i get an email from Ryan, of all people, about some ridiculous business of adding a new hostee to Respark.

Why does all the unexpected shit happen in one day for me?