Thursday, March 24, 2005

Moving on.

Like before, I'll be veering away from using blogger in favor of a site-based weblog system (grey-matter). I've got a slight handle on how the cgi works, so I'll be jumping into FINALLY constructing my little site on respark. I'll probably continue to use revizion and artofact for their own specific purposes, but once I get soul up and running, I'll be focusing on updating it more so than the others.

In other news (if you would consider anything I mention news), I'll be setting my eyes on developing this comic book and just upping my game in general. I haven't been consistent with my art in months, so now is the time to get out of my laziness. To support productivity, I have resolved to draw all the current Void fighters from A to Z. Including the two fighters that start their names with fighters (0roch1 and 2.4). Hopefully I can draw a fighter per lunch break at work, which is about 3 per week.