Tuesday, August 05, 2003

long day. too long. early morning: went to the funeral of my uncle Frank. the prospect of passing on from this life has me in all kinds of mental straits. i don't want to wallow in complacency and normality. no more wallowing, dammit. i don't want my life to flash before my eyes and realize i accomplished none of my goals and dreams. i've had a taste of my own meager mortality, and i do not want to quietly lose it.
so now, i am looking forward, and eagerly grasping toward life in all it's possibilities.

first order of business on my life's agenda is to push for the evolution of my creative self, in any way possible. since san diego, ryan and i have toyed with the idea of expanding our artistic spheres of influence. i have no idea how far we can take it, but we hope to self-publish some kind of compiled work of ours, and any others willing to join in the effort. and since the san diego comic convention, amador and i have been experimenting with a project that can emulate an artistic commune we've experienced, and ideally unite the artistic populace of our little town. the basic idea is something that can be considered an art jam session: a crowd of artists under one roof, kickin back, drawing in sketchbooks, whether it be theirs or someone elses. not only can local artists meet each other, but we can feed off the energy from so many ideas and creative minds that we can all reap and prosper from the experience: connections, friendships, inspirations.
right now, this project is in the very beginning stages, and we met up tonight to lay down the groundwork for this. i'll be heading up the basic website deal, while noir will get the flyer produced. these flyers will be distributed to as many comic shops and hang outs of potential participants in the greater sacramento area. noir will try to secure a nice, neutral place where the first of hopefully many jam sessions can take place, and we'll be the rockin' hosts for this.
when jaime and i got to borders tonight to meet amador (noir), we ran into chris lee, my old school icon from the valley high days. got to see some of his works, and was told about an art show he's in this saturday. we clued him into the art jam idea, and hopefully he can be a part of it. that would rock.
but anyway, i'm psyched about the "sketchbook sessions" project, and already, i've got several folks who could take part in it. i thought at first that this thing wouldn't get to "succesful" size, but then i realized that i know of more art folks in the area than i first believed. this will work, i can feel it.