Saturday, August 30, 2003

this sucks hairy goat balls. speaking of goats, theres one caged up next door that's been keeping me annoyed all day. my uncle needs to cook that fucker up already and get it over with.
and yeah.
this looks to be a boring ass labor day weekend. it's probably going to turn out to be more of a homework weekend, when i should really be avoiding school work. bahh. none of the usual crowd seem to be doing anything, and to top it off, i think my older sister is going out and having fun more than me lately. now that is just BULL. i remember on friday, we were just chillin at the CRC's cafeteria hall, and I ask, "what are we gonna do now?" and all we did was roll deep to my house and crowd up my room. it was cool to kick it with about 8 people stuffed in my small ass room, but shit, thats all i did that day. nothing came through yesterday and today. sure, i could have gone with Amador to see American Splendor, but maaaan...i didn't know if it would only be me and him going to see it. now that would be suspect.

but to debunk any suspicions...the girl that was my focus for the past few weeks just told it to me straight yesterday night.
i totally understand, i do. she had broken up with her boyfriend of about a year (?), and she told me she wanted to enjoy the single life. crud. seems like i always have to be the understanding one, and sit idly by until the girl makes up her mind. dammit.
well, there goes all the confidence i built up since the "incident" and the "moment." at least i can say, that for once, i didn't sit idly by, that i made something out of a situation and tried to keep it alive. bah.
off to the hunt i go once more. it's all good, i've got something of a "list" of girls, and i'm going to take my chances and run through the game all over again with each of them. woop-pah.

Friday, August 29, 2003

yoohoo! i dont where it came from, but we've got an ample supply of it. dont tell me your biased opinion of this oh-so-good chocolate milk drink. hell, this is probably the only kind of milk i'd ever want to drink. and thats saying a lot.
well, a lot of the plans that we had for today went kaput, seeing as how a bunch of things fell out of place. now here i am, chillin on my roof, wishing i were having fun. bah.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

by the count, we've got the following people confirmed for the coming artRIOT
Khris: anthology (X) worldwide edition (x) sdcc04 (x)
Seth: anthology (X) worldwide edition (x) sdcc04 (?)
Alpha: anthology (X) worldwide edition (x) sdcc04 (?)
Travis: anthology (x) worldwide edition (0) sdcc04 (?)
Alex/Adam: anthology (X) worldwide edition (0) sdcc04 (?)
Shelde: anthology (0) worldwide edition (0) sdcc04 (0)
Reggie: anthology (0) worldwide edition (?) sdcc04 (0)
Joe: anthology (x) worldwide edition (0) sdcc04 (0)
Knome: anthology (X) worldwide edition (x) sdcc04 (?)

Ryan and I are heading most of this, so of course we're in.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

business and pleasure is getting better by the day, it seems. i'm on a pretty badass upswing from the downward spiral i went through early this year.
finished the pencils to my first page of sequential art. first time i've messed with sequentials in almost a year. looks like i haven't lost a thing, more like gained a dozen new ones. once i get the second page done, i can officially say i'm back in my art groove.
and's not raking any money my way, not yet that is. but the fact is that gears are finally in motion, and the artRIOT is almost underway. i'll be adding three new additions to the roster, one of them being my old icon, Chris Lee. Alex and Adam are jumping on for the meantime, too. i think they're getting back into their swing, and i'm helping them transition. lastly, is the talented "Xenogia" that Ryan came upon. He'll be hosted once they coordinate the plan for his website. on the horizon, i'm looking forward to hooking up with Jim, and seeing what he can do. and the chick we met in San Diego is a prospective recruit, which'll rock a-plenty. i still need to find some willing female artists to join the crew...

and pleasure...oh, the pleasure aspect... i'll keep this part a relative secret until i know that things are working my way. until then, know that i'm living it up...big time...-sniff- hm, i think i still have her scent on me still... hahaha.
Epiphany #348
I have an almost subconscious jones for Chinese girls. I don't know what it is, but I have more often than not gravitated towards Asian girls half the time, and generally not just any Asian girls. They're either Chinese, or some killer mix of Chinese, or maybe they're a flaming hot Korean girl.
The earliest example I can probably remember is Jen, and she's mixed Chinese/White. Another example is this one girl I met at summer school a ways back... smokin Korean babe. gahhh. Next one would probably be Anh from working at FTB. Yet another example would be that one Chinese, possibly mixed, girl from a class I had the other semester. And then there's my senior ball date, Nikki (My). Also, there's, this girl named Amy, who I tried to get at senior year. If this is any indication, I think I should either stop NOW while I have the chance, or get some kind of help for this.

OHGAWD. Friendster is like some kind of evil system out to destroy my self-esteem. All I have to do is type in a name of say...a girl I was crushing on back in the day, and for some odd reason, the particular person I'm looking for actually exists on Friendster. Seriously. I've found just about EACH girl I just mentioned, and that is not good for the memories I'm trying hard to forget. FUCKFUCKFUCKFRIENDSTER.
And I thought Sacramento was too small of a world, the Internet just got even smaller. GDAMMIT.

Monday, August 25, 2003

hm. i just dropped my history class, leaving my tues/thurs open to do WHATEVER. good.
before i forget, this is a list of all the songs i can attempt to play, or am practicing on my guitar. this is for future reference, so i can burn a CD of this playlist for practice.

"Remember to Breathe" Dashboard Confessional
"Ender Will Save Us All" Dashboard Confessional
"Like I Love You" Justin Timberlake (the mariachi-sounding main riff)
"Come as You Are" Nirvana (bassline riff)
"Clint Eastwood" Gorillaz (bassline riff)
"Outside" Staind
"Fat Lip" Sum41 (needs practice)
"Drive" Incubus (needs lots of work)
"Half-Crazy" Musiq Soulchild
"Seven Nation Army" The White Stripes (bassline riff)
"U Remind Me" Usher (main tune)

just learned, "Rivers of Babylon," Sublimes version of the Bob Marley song.
hah. i think i HELLA overexaggerated on the "half a million words of written work this semester" statement. i believe the correct amount is somewhere around 50,000 words? next time, i should probably calculate my "educated guesses." but anyway. in other news... is doing well, i've almost got the original roster back up, sans one annoying little bugger that goes by the name of Timo. i offered, and saved him space, but being the 14-15 year old walking-wedgie that he is, has neglected it, as well as my advice. that, my friends is the best way to piss me off, if ANY. ignoring my good graces is a one way trip to WRATH OF ROD (3WW, Sorcery. Destroy all pre-pubescent, cack-a-roach fucks and their promised webhostage.)
the five barons of FUNK met up friday night at lai wah, and we discussed our "business" trip to san diego next year. from the book, merch, hotel, to the proposed las vegas trip right after SDCC, we are slowlying planning out the first big step. i'm not so sure if the five of us can still be called "sQuiD" seeing as how we haven't completed a thing in the name of squid since...we graduated high school. ron even said it himself, saying something like we're more like a loosely connected alliance. a CONFEDERATION. true, we are nowhere near the size of a real confederacy, but its a catchy label. i'll probably refer to us as the CONFEDs from now on.
other than a few little timos slowing the pace, business is going well. i've still got alpha's website to work on, but i can get that done in no time. i just wish i could get a bit of commission for work from time to time. eh.

now, onto the "pleasure" part of this update.
friday was a cool little kick-it day, where the likes of Leo and Brian Tillo made quick cameos. hell, my padawan learner (Leo) even hooked Jaime and I with some smokes and lighters that he stole from work. good job. Ryan (Rai) needed to get his severance pay from the club, so we scooted over there to fetch it, and lo & behold, we meet Adam MacDonald there. after Adam MacD got off work, he said he'd meet us at in n out for lunch. rai, jai, and i (ahhh shit. FUNKadelic) then went to the comic shop to check out stuff, and poompoppow, we ran into Jim Shepherd. we hadn't seen Jimbo since we bumped into him at SDCC, and it was good to see that he was working at cards and comics now. i told him about the artRIOT ( project, and he seemed down to participate in it.
it's funny. ryan, who knows full well about the artRIOT project and is supposed to be co-spearheading it with me and Amador, would usually meet a cool artist friend of ours and tell them about the gig, yet he would refer them to me for the full explanation.
anyways, after the comics store, we met Adam "Big Soft" MacDonald at in n out around the way, chilled, laughed, and had a good time there. i dont want to sound too mushy, but i miss the guy; he's one of my favorite former co-worker at LCRC. when we were done at in n out, we rolled out to borders to chill some more. we kicked it for the most part, didnt get much done, but eh. while there, ryan then found Daryl Watson there, and told him about artRIOT, and referred him to me for the skinny of the project. hah. Daryl and i talked biznass, mostly comic book industry related stuff. we told him about the book we were going to publish, and he gave us some words of advice, and even elaborated about his future plans of self-publication. grooviness.
the day ended with dinner at lai wah, as previously mentioned.

saturday, was a bit of a jumbled day. i THINK i chilled at home until 9pm, i dont remember. the events that occured after 9pm was reason enough for me to forget the mundane details of the day. we were supposed to go to oakland that morning, but instead the trip was cancelled. eh. ok, here's the deal: it was Elissa's 21st b-day party that night, but the plan had not gone as originally planned; the house that was to be the party location was unavailable, many invitees bailed, the party was moved to ex-boyfriend James' place. James bails early for a rave, the party is transferred to Jen Fong's house. 11:30pm. the party arrives at Jen's. Alex calls, Rai goes with me to pick him up for the party. plenty of Kaligula-esque escapades ensue after we return. i call up Diana, she rolls by, joy is me. Rai no feel good, a quandary arrives. problem resolved, Rai gets home later than normally allowed, and so do i. in the graces of near-strangers, i return home to crash. time is: 4:45am.

sunday, i wake up at 3pm. we missed church. Rai is on lockdown, i'm told. Jaime and Alex are still at Jen's asking me when i'll roll by. i finish homework. Orlando tells me he's rollin over to Jen's. i get ready and drop by. a cute girl is there, and it's not jen. oh well. we play tekken 4. i once again realize why i hate tekken. a small jam session with guitars happens. Rob rocks it on the acoustic. cute girl plays bass. Orlando leaves, we (Jaime, Alex, and i) follow. instead of the drop-off, we meet up at Alex's and chill for a bit. from Alex's, the four of us head over to a vietnamese/chinese restaurant for dinner, orlando's treat. conversation ranges from the plague of women, to biznass. after dinner, we head back, and get to meet Alex's roomie Liz. we watch the movie Go, and then go home. after Jaime's drop-off, i drop by Amador's place to pick up the illustrations he wants me to tone. i kick it for a bit, we catch up on how he got fired recently, among other things. he tells me about house of 1000 corpses, and i borrow it from him. come home. typed this up. yay.