Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Down out sideways

I do not fuck with that jugga horror alt skate core shit. I make it for the d10 rollers, the noobs that keep jobs to buy their weekly pull from big bro and drool for DLC to get their acco fix in hopes my hard science fiction-driven imagery will be properly presented on their bathroom walls... so while they drop a duece and tweet, they can look at it and think...

"...deeeeeem civilization has come so far. gonna need to buy more toilet paper..."

But I'm a hipster, though. I like cool gadgets, trash talk ironically, and dress fashionably to mask the nerd that tries every day to reconcile the sharp-horned primal bull. I ride a fixed gear so I won't be lazy on my commute, wearing wannabe wayfarers I got at a music festival while slammed on molly, wear it over the black-frame glasses I've had since before it was popular and because my eyesight is terrible and I am on my last pair of contact lenses.

I dress like a skater kid for the Chuck Norris kicking range of motion. And the shoes are comfy enough for deadlifts, apparently. Otherwise I'd wear my beat up #saucony running shoes for the emminent possibility of a zombie cataclysm.

Being mobile is crucial in a world so frighteningly connected as ours while I write this on my android smart phone. Cementing a legacy that survives my pretentious life span is the key. If I am seen as an overly critical, desensitized man for the remainder... at least my art can live its own life.