Tuesday, September 02, 2003

tomorrow i'll be making a(nother) blog hosted on my riotform website. adios, blogger!

recap of the past few days.
sunday: afternoon kick it with the confed heads @ borders. followed by a thorough 7 hour marathon of soul calibur 2 at joe koko-nuts hizzay. OWNAGE in EVERY direction. i get home at 3am. fun.
monday: mowed lawn :( sucky weather. jen's b-day kickit @ her house. plenty of stoners stoned, i am exempt. tekken 4 tournament commences, i OWN everyone due to being the least intoxicated. STEVE ate everyone's children. hot-girls-that-don't-look-their-age-but-are-really-16 mess with my head, but i didnt smoke. home at 3am once more.
tuesday: school, but not really. got ryan to skip his noon class to play soul calibur 2 with us at koko-nuts house. RAPHAEL friggin OWNED. no question. except the occasional ring out by some bastard ass fighters like Voldo and Kilik.

life is pretty good, despite the absence of a woman's warmth. bahhhhhhhhhhh.