Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 out the door

What a interestingly weird year. Long story short, I partied hard, and have more of an idea of what kind of a person I'm going to be for the next 5 or so years. I've picked up snowboarding once more, I'm a wise alchoholic, I am Respark. Fuck the manifesto, on to the countdown.

Highlights of the Year
1. San Diego Comicon Internationl 2004 (July): fun for all ages. Mostly for the legal drunk age. A two-level hotel suite and a score of artsy cats getting crunk. Nothing really beats that.
2. El Cabino 2004 (Jan): a week long get-away of pure debauchery and snow. My gut still rumbles from the thought of the drunken nights in Tahoe.
3. Halloween Party/Zombie Soiree (Oct): zombies, liquor, and intentional cosplay. One of the most fun nights I've had all year.

Most Hammered
1. Happy Garden/Elk Grove Club (Aug): nights out to the bar/club with cousins? Nothing can truly beat that. Even though I was semi-broke at the time, I still was able to get drunk courtesy of my awesome family.
2. Chico Party (Mar): a triple shot of Jack after eating three pizzas to start off a night of drunkeness with my old classmates. I can only remember kicking it in the street, and the extra strong puke I dumped into Shannon's sink. Yum.
3. El Cabino 2004 (Jan): I lost a game of Kings that was upped to the extreme ante of clearing out a table of unfinished drinks. Fast forward 6 hours later and I wake up with my head in a bathroom tub.

1. Road Warrior Status: I made it to and from San Diego in one piece. Except the drive back nearly killed all of us because me and my back-up drivers were sleepy as hell, hahahahah.
2. Respark's Soul: I built it, and they came. Respark has risen over what I originally intended when I wanted to be a hosting ring, it's BETTER than anything I ever dreamed.
3. Drunk Driver: I've demonstrated many times over the summer that I could drive myself and others around town while being reasonable shit-faced. So don't ever be afraid to ask for a ride from me when I've downed at least 5 shots of hard liquor. BECAUSE I'LL MAKE YOU BE MY PASSENGER.

Theres actually much more to this list, but I don't quite remember what feats I pulled off this year. Thank you, liquor and drugs.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tonight is the last night of my enslavement to corporate servitude. And I'm 10x as glad it's tonight. Last night was a tedious night of cleaning up the warehouse section of the store, which is quite a big chunk of real estate. I probably inhaled an ounce of concrete particles and dust the whole 7 hours, and I get to pay for that with a disgusting machine-gun hack and cough this morning. FINALLY THIS INSANE EXPERIENCE IS GOING TO BE OVER.