Friday, May 14, 2004

damn you Ale, for making me less of the wuss that i normally am. YOU WILL PAY.
so i made the call, and it was a good one. the first was in vain, but my attempt was returned, and the conversation lasted from the second i stepped out of the triple doors at work until i got into my car and exited the gates. i'd say a nice 6 or so minutes. from that moment on, i felt ALIVE.
it was fuckin surreal. if you know the history behind my motives, you would know that the person on the other end of the line and i exchanged a maximum of 50 words between each other throughout four years of highschool. i don't know what to think now. so many goddamn things are up in the air and i've nary a clue as to which choice to make. i'd try and wing it, work with every option, but i think i'm tired of that game by now. i just have to remember Joel Barrish and Eternal Sunshine.

in other news, i cruised around downtown/midtown with my cousins Dobhie, Geno, and Robbie, had fun and liquor at INK as well as dropping by Monkey Bar. life is feeling great.

Thursday, May 13, 2004


soon, bitches, real soon. school is out in a mere two weeks. i've got to wing a couple more major academic events, and i'm in the clear. i think the upswing begins once i'm officially out of school. yes, i think so. i'll have a bit of money to cruise with until SDCC, and i'll definitely be on the hunt for a new job near and far. a couple of things are falling into to place lately, and coincidentally, karma started to give me those sexin eyes around the time i officially turned 21 last week. needless to say, this summer will top last years (although that's not saying much because last summer was possibly the first real summer i ever had).

but above all things, i've got to thank whatever insidiously divine forces out there thrust me into the position i am now. i thank alex, pete, kiel, jaime, ryan, and many more for being a friend to a unscrupulous creature such as i. heres to many more years of getting drunk and wild, folks.

i'm still pissed that the world is mostly populated by apathetic morons who are contributing to the daily dissemination of human integrity. hypocrisy or rhetoric? you decide!