Monday, December 31, 2012

Twelve Themes of Two Thousand Twelve: Moments (10/12)

In comparison to the previous year, I can clearly remember instances of sheer joy and accomplishment for 2012. These memories will be remembered as the most definitive experiences I have had thus far.

Twelve Themes of Two Thousand Twelve: Trends (9/12)

2012 proved to be a compelling era. It was a year where the ambience of the world hinged on a word or an acronym. Actually, it was just another provocative year where the next craze would conquer dialogue.

Twelve Themes of Two Thousand Twelve: Short Cinema (8/12)

The world of media is so vast nowadays that we must re-evaluate the categories that films exist in. Music videos can have more of a narrative impact than some feature-length motion pictures. Independent productions can affect the world in more ways than a Hollywood budget. Thus, these are my favorite YouTube videos this year.

Twelve Themes of Two Thousand Twelve: Cuisine (7/12)

What is life without a nourishing meal? A rather bland existence, in my humble opinion. This year, I have been fortunate enough to sample delectable foods without having to go on arduous journeys to satisfy my appetite.

Twelve Themes of Two Thousand Twelve: Long Cinema (6/12)

This was a pretty good year for films and television series. Old ideas returned to bring new surprises, and it is safe to say the realm of motion pictures has been elevated to new, exciting heights.

Twelve Themes of Two Thousand Twelve: Places (5/12)

Sacramento is my city. I have crawled along nearly every corner and light, and it continues to amaze me each day. This year, I have found some new places, and deemed some old favorites as the best locations in town.