Monday, December 31, 2012

Twelve Themes of Two Thousand Twelve: Places (5/12)

Sacramento is my city. I have crawled along nearly every corner and light, and it continues to amaze me each day. This year, I have found some new places, and deemed some old favorites as the best locations in town.

Southside Park

This is an iconic area of town that holds many fond memories, old and new. Friends have lived in this area, and I have been here enough times this year to realize it is one of my favorite outdoor workout venues. Plus, it has one of the coolest playgrounds for children in the city.

McKinley Park

This gem is snuggled on the east side of town, where runners and families congregate daily. It might have some wacky parking situations, but I still enjoy the surrounding neighborhood. Word on the street is that a group of yoga practitioners gather here Saturday mornings.

William Land Park

Technically, this is the best park in the city. It is an expansive plot of real estate that runs throughout the area, connecting south Sacramento to the downtown grid. I have biked from my house to this park a few times for the express purpose of utilizing the outdoor gym equipment.

Hoppy Brewery

To an exclusive circle of my friends, this place is called The War Room. With its convenient location next to CSU Sacramento, I was here very often in the past. Though I have not been a frequent patron this year, it still has my favorite craft beer ever: Burnt Sienna Ale.


I am not entirely sure why I like this place. Maybe it is the location, which helps rejuvenate the sagging midtown night life attendance (in the east half). Maybe it is that one time I saw women dancing on top of the tables. Either way, this is a joint that is in an enjoyable proximity to other venues.

Pour House

My hope is that this bar will last longer than the previous business that existed on this patch of land. It looks to be your average libation station, but a closer look inside will reveal the gimmick that has me very intrigued: taps at the booths. As I was told, Jameson whisky is available on these taps (!!!).

Hot Italian

I consider this classy eatery the anchor for midtown. Not only does it have delicious food and drink, the interior makes me feel like a socialite. It is usually a tough decision between getting coffee here or at Naked Lounge across the way, gelato here or yogurt at Mochi up the block.

Bows & Arrows

This is the spot for hipsters and other midtown citizens. I have been here for more intimate music shows than art shows or booze nights. The food is a welcome addition to the random events hosted at this venue. I have yet to buy any merchandise here, but I am sorely tempted each visit.


When it comes to fitness, I have become convinced that climbing is an elite workout. The membership cost might seem steep, but realize that this is a quality gym AND climbing facility. I am not sure yet if their crossfit expansion is live, but I can easily say this is a premier training location.

Squeeze Inn Midtown

Honestly, I chose this restaurant because of the people. A friend of mine runs this addition of the burger franchise. Each location brings something different to the Squeeze Inn formula, with the midtown incarnation offering chili and their version of a Philly cheese steak.

Safeway (S & 19th st.)

This grocery is a chain, but I can't help but visit this one for numerous reasons. It is open all hours of the day. It is a fun place to people watch (or hunt). It has a gnarly sculpture in the front. It is across the street from Bows & Arrows. It is near so many local restaurants the list goes on and on.

R Street Historic District

Mark these words: this area will be the epicenter of a cultural boom within my lifetime. The corridor is home to the Fox & Goose (where a monthly Drink & Draw is hosted), Shoki Ramen House, The Shady Lady Saloon, and a handful of galleries. One day soon, those rustic industrial buildings will be teeming with creatives working to enhance the artistic profile of Sacramento.


PrestonCaviar said...

The Tiger Cage didn't make it this year? Dang, guess next year then haha

Rodney Corpuz said...

Thats in Elk Grove, bruv. The Cage has a special entry in another list.

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