Thursday, September 07, 2006

Crushed: a revelation that I am lacking.

The first week of school is almost over. It is sensory overload out here. I am burnt out. The walkway in front of Mariposa and Kadema is teeming with so many beautiful women that my eyes have worn themselves out over the course of two days. Even worse, is that most of these gorgeous girls come into Utrecht right afterward. I've been missing out on this kind of attraction for far too long. It's hard coping with my dumbfounded awe. Although, I think working at Utrecht is helping; working retail forces me to interact with strangers, smiling, and saying, "Hello" and, "Have a good day" constantly is putting me into a social mode I have not experienced in ages. This combined first week and work at Utrecht has got me. I quickly fell in love on Wednesday. She walked in at the height of our back-to-school sale rush, a 5'6" blonde muse in a green sundress. I said hi, and eagerly attempted to aid Her shopping spree. She told me She'd figure things out because Her syllabus had a course materials list. I paced the floor helping other cute girls. Most of the girls would concede that they needed my help, and I gladly did. Whenever I finished assisting a customer, I would pace around, and ask Her again if She would like my help. More customers began to suffocate the store; both registers were in non-stop point of sale for Christine and Malia. In time, some of my classmates for Drawing came in, and I practically shopped for one of them. I asked Her again if she was doing alright and finding her materials. She declined my help once more. A cute girl from my Color class asked me where some of the acrylics we needed were, and I grabbed them for her. I asked Her once more, and was again declined. It was then the closing hour, and I checked up on Her. She finally said She was ready for my help. After picking out items for Her, we began to chat, and I was soon enraptured by Her. Her raspy voice, Her sass and spunk. I couldn't get enough, although our time was getting short. Inevitably, I was unable to work up the courage to even ask Her name. I'm sure She would've given it to me, at the very least. My only hope is that one day this semester I can bump into Her in front of Mariposa Hall.

Monday, September 04, 2006


I thought it was game over, but its now back to square one. Although this square one isn't exactly starting from scratch or with a cleaned slate. Figuratively speaking, I died about a year ago, but I've just been reincarnated, back for redemption. ROD vs. EDUCATION 2. This is the main even title bout rematch, and I'm hungering for blood. Here we go again.