Friday, January 23, 2004

Yeahhh. I had a total of 2 hours sleep last night, thanks in part to an extra long session of Jedi Academy. Those Dark Jedi had me craving for rematches and flawless duels. At around 11:30am or so, I was going through mild symptoms of disorientation, and my peripheral vision started to 'wiggle' to a very disturbing degree. It was cool and not-cool at the same time. I'm still kind of feeling weird as I type this, like things are real and not real at the same time. Like I'm in the Matrix and somehow I feel like there's something wrong with the world? I dunno, its odd. I attribute it to the abundance of Jedi Academy I've been playing, like when I activate Force Speed and the world kind of stretches like in The Fast and The Furious. Something like that.

Ok, so classes are coo, but books are KILLER. I can barely find my textbooks online. But it's coo, there's a very healthy amount of cute girls surrounding me in just about each class, which is great. And now I lost sense of what my point was. Bah.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

There's nothing like slashing stormtroopers while on the back of a taun-taun.
Once again
I've said this quite a few times in the past, buuuuuuutttt...I've been blogging way too often lately. GAWD, the volume of thoughts I've transcribed on here is near-retarded. I should be drawing or something. EH. I've just set this silly little slacker goal/limit to my artistic productivity which goes something like, "I can't really get back to drawing [comics] until I buy more art supplies. This 50 lbs paper isn't working for me, I need to get a hold of either A) heavier quality paper, or B) bristol pads." Thats a really lame excuse. I don't even know the principles behind 50, 65, 70 lbs paper quality. I remember my friend Terence once explained it, but I'm a dumbass whose memory is completely fucked most of the time.

On a less-heavy note, Dewon had me rolling in laughter today. Ah, I've forgotten how ingeniously funny he is. Hopefully Henry throws a party in which we can all hang out like the good old days of highschool; I miss that crowd of friends.

I got lost today, like a common freshman. I walked into a class I partially believed was mine, because I didnt print up or write down my entire class schedule. I was bewildered; I fooled myself into believing the Comm Studies class I walked into was the one that was on my schedule, and that the original professor I thought I had was replaced. The room was crowded, and I stood in the back of the room with a couple other late-comers. I had hoped this professor had gone through the role-call, in hopes that I could clarify whether I was enrolled in it or not. Instead, the professor was instituting this "introduce yourself" exercise. I had the idea that I'd wait until they come to me, when I would say something stupid like, "Hi, my name is Rodney, Rod for short and... I don't know whether I'm enrolled in this class or on the waiting list...but I'll play along with this game anyways." I eventually figured that this class was, indeed, not the one I belonged in. I think I wanted to stay in that class to pull off this stunt just because there were a couple of really cute girls in there. Oh well, my other Comm Studies classes have plenty of girls in there for me to impress with my dashing good looks and rapier wit. Bah.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Great Scott, I saw HER today. Not the, "Her" as in Claudia, no no no, this is a far greater reference to HER, the ultimate HER. In comparison, Claudia fuckin' PALES in retrospect to HER. SHE is the tantamount definition of "out of my league," where I admit that I have a straight man's chance in a lesbian heaven to even get close enough to feel the awesomeness of HER very aura. For a minute, I had feared SHE had completely forgotten me, as I sat there oh-so obviously stunned by HER appearance. I rarely (as in once in a semester, if I'm lucky) ever see HER, so this was a surprise that had me briefly elated. She's the dream-girl, the destroyer of confidence, hell, my mind is on this retarded loop mode, where all I'm thinking about right now is every aspect of HER. SHE's, by leaps and bounds, more beautiful than any girl I personally know in this whole wide world, plus SHE's an artist to boot. I'm nearing the one-month mark with all the thing's I've abstained from, but all I want to do is betray my willpower and vent because of HER. Perfect smile, eyes, body, personality, smile, sense of style, smile, voice, smile GAHHHHH. The unattainable Aphrodite of my desires. Her name is Natalee.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Taken from various Livejournal entries I frequent.

10 questions: Pick a band and answer only using that band's song titles.
The Clash

1. Are you male or female?:
Ivan Meets G.I. Joe

2. Describe yourself:
Ghetto Defendant

3. How do some people feel about you?:
Somebody Got Murdered

4. How do you feel about yourself?:
Should I Stay or Should I Go

5. Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest:
Groovy Times

6. Where would you rather be?:
Lost In The Supermarket

7. Describe what you want to be:
Clash City Rockers

8. Describe how you live:
Complete Control

9. Describe how you love:
Rock The Casbah

10. Share a few words of wisdom:
I'm So Bored With The USA

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Man, oh man. It's only the first month of this year, but it feels like I've drained myself of all the energy I'd need to have a year's worth of partying and having fun. This weekend has been pretty wild, like it's been a glimpse into what the next few years will turn out to be. AND IT LOOKS GOOD. Friday was a kick-back/party at Geno's, celebrating his 21st. Food, Drinks, Soul Calibur. It was a grand. And now, the question has been thrown into the air by my cousins, "Hey Rodney, you're the next to turn 21." Oh snap, I am.
Saturday, it was a jam-packed day, where I hopped from one party/kick-back to the next, and I barely saw sleep (or home, for that matter) for an age. After leaving some mundane semi-family party, I headed over to the Gali's for a bbq/kickback. The usual suspects were there, plus Alex, Patrick, Jon, Van, and Roberta. La vie du plaisir, je parle. From shootin the breeze, seeing the compiled set of pictures from the cabin, jammin, and just chillin oldschool in the front yard. The night was still young.
After the bbq, I headed back to Geno's, where the greatest part of the weekend would go down. There was barely anyone there at first, but slowly and surely, they trickled in. After an early round of Halo, I retreated into Geno's room to jam on his electric guitar, and then some other folks wandered in. They didn't know I played guitar, so I played a little bit for them. Soon, more people crowded in, as I rocked the guitar, and Robbie picked up Geno's MIDI keyboard, and even Geno grabbed his flute/recorder to join in. We played for nearly an hour, composing some cool beats, accompanied by power chords and a flute tune. The entire time, someone would attempt a freestyle flow, which made the moment feel like true hip-hop. We gathered an audience outside the door, watching us perform. Junior dubbed us "The Shuttlecocks." Eventually, the crowd dissipated, as they were all wondering whats next. Geno and I played some Soul Calibur until the moment of truth came to fruition.
We gathered at least 6 more people to come through, assembled 2 more TV's, and had the largest gathering of the Corpuz clan to play team Halo. It was a MARATHON; we played until 6 or so in the morning, and I didnt even go home until 10am. I'm spent. Now, back to normalcy, and hopefully, employment.