Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Once again
I've said this quite a few times in the past, buuuuuuutttt...I've been blogging way too often lately. GAWD, the volume of thoughts I've transcribed on here is near-retarded. I should be drawing or something. EH. I've just set this silly little slacker goal/limit to my artistic productivity which goes something like, "I can't really get back to drawing [comics] until I buy more art supplies. This 50 lbs paper isn't working for me, I need to get a hold of either A) heavier quality paper, or B) bristol pads." Thats a really lame excuse. I don't even know the principles behind 50, 65, 70 lbs paper quality. I remember my friend Terence once explained it, but I'm a dumbass whose memory is completely fucked most of the time.

On a less-heavy note, Dewon had me rolling in laughter today. Ah, I've forgotten how ingeniously funny he is. Hopefully Henry throws a party in which we can all hang out like the good old days of highschool; I miss that crowd of friends.

I got lost today, like a common freshman. I walked into a class I partially believed was mine, because I didnt print up or write down my entire class schedule. I was bewildered; I fooled myself into believing the Comm Studies class I walked into was the one that was on my schedule, and that the original professor I thought I had was replaced. The room was crowded, and I stood in the back of the room with a couple other late-comers. I had hoped this professor had gone through the role-call, in hopes that I could clarify whether I was enrolled in it or not. Instead, the professor was instituting this "introduce yourself" exercise. I had the idea that I'd wait until they come to me, when I would say something stupid like, "Hi, my name is Rodney, Rod for short and... I don't know whether I'm enrolled in this class or on the waiting list...but I'll play along with this game anyways." I eventually figured that this class was, indeed, not the one I belonged in. I think I wanted to stay in that class to pull off this stunt just because there were a couple of really cute girls in there. Oh well, my other Comm Studies classes have plenty of girls in there for me to impress with my dashing good looks and rapier wit. Bah.

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