Thursday, May 29, 2003

damn, my week is all kinds of FUCKED UP. jam packed with issues, ya know? firstly, i went to work only to find out that i wasnt supposed to work on tuesday. d'oh. i tried to stick around for 4 hours, as the option to work was given to me since i accidentally dropped by. i only stayed for 1 hour. turned out that there was no work for the rest of the week. i just want to quit already, i don't want to wait for them to lay me off. it's dragging on for way to long.
wednesday, i went to play tennis with my cousins and 2 of the boyfriends of my cousins gem and jac. the heat was intense, and were my constitution weaker (as if it werent already), i would have likely collapsed on the court. sucks to be out of shape. i shall resolve to strengthen my body so i can play better in the future, i've negelected it for far too long. that night, she came by to drop off the books i lent her earlier in the semester for the classes she ended up dropping. we shared a quaint moment, blah blah blah.
thursday, i tried selling the aforementioned books, but they did not fetch a damn thing. my hopes to have some pocket money to buy gas and some smokes went sour. now i've got to charge the gas to my credit card. and i hoped to never charge gas on credit, gaaaah.
on top of that, kris, one of my oldest friends, is in need of my help, so he's going to stay the night at my house, and we've got to find him a place to stay for the next couple of days.
and then... my ex texts me not 30 minutes ago, wanting to kick it tomorrow. so now, it'll be me, her, and kris, hanging out tomorrow. your average reunion that dates back 4 or 5 years back. fun times.
i swear, i might end up forgetting the actual things i need to get done this week because of all events popping up. dammit.