Friday, April 04, 2003

holy crap. i was snooping around in my workhorse-of-a-website on geocities, and found a crapload of my old web designs. hell, i forgot i even did most of them. at least i know i have some kind of portfolio of work hidden away somewhere, and i'm currently in the process of archiving them onto my computer for future reference. actually, i'm quite proud of most of these designs, and i'm going to try and format them to be PC friendly.
heres the link to all of my 'creations' of ages past:
Acoustic Expression (the Dashboard Confessional days)
Emocore: Dig it Sucka ('emo' inspired)
Interim: Nothing's Permanent (winter theme)
vision imperial (a partial design)
too bad liquid2k sucks balls, because i think i have at least one design sitting in my old account. had my current "maverick" theme, but its all kaput now. oh well.
No Brainer is the current design. really simplistic, took me 45 minutes or so. really sucks, too. hahahahahahha.
PAINNNNN. Not that bad though. Just the left side of my jaw hurts because the wisdom tooth on that side was the one that was growing at an almost perpendicular angle. i'm trying to sleep the day away, but the gauze pads get to annoying to deal with. man, i could really go for good foods, rather than the prospect of cold soup and smoothies. bahhhh.
what i wanted to do, since i'm not supposed to talk (it'll strain the muscles trying to recuperate), i was going to get some speakers and connect them to my laptop and type what i wanted to say and make the computer speak the text. Hawkings style, baby.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

blargh. just finished up eight hours of work today. apparently, i won't ever be furloughed (sent home due to lack of work) now that i learned a new workload. yay, i think? i think i can play hooky with work every so often, since my boss is pretty laid back. shouldn't over-do it, though. seems plans are confirmed for a snowboarding trip monday, april 14. that'll be a day i'll have to find a really clever excuse to get out of work. still thinking about the foolproof plan to pull it off. must confirm with ron about those discounted ski lift/rental package coupons, for i will try to invite a friend to snowboard with us.
T-Minus 11 hours, 15 minutes, 54 seconds until pure pain and havok will be wreaked upon my mouth, my wisdom teeth in particular. hopefully i can get the doc to hook me up with some painkillers like vicodin. that way i can pop those pills even after the pain is gone. drug addiction, here i come.
i was inflicted with the most heinous paper cut today. of all the injuries that could draw blood, these damned paper cuts seem to be the most painful. oh the irony of enormous pain coming from miniscule lacerations.

thoughts are running rampant with ways to ditch work, lying in pain, and why i can't seem to finish any drawings i do lately. jfdkl;ajfslkjflda.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

geeze. i applaud Jaime for the audacity to attempt pranks on April Fool's Day. it's sophomoric, but it definitely made me laugh. props.
this monkey's antics include sending each of the sQuiD members a special edition of the newsletter announcing the disbanding of our group. sure, we discussed the idea recently, and we even went so far as to agree that dissolution of the union was imminent, but we didn't officially agree to anything. when i read the e-mail, i was automatically confused, because i thought a decision had been made without my knowledge. i quickly realized it was a joke. you see, i don't give a second thought on the purpose of April 1st, and Jaime easily exploited that thought. i'm quite sure most people would fall for it just as easily.
his second act was to post a message on his website (yes, i browse it quite frequently) announcing that he's being deported. another good shot. nearly had me there. sure, he's a resident alien, and sure he could be deported for any number of reasons, but you slipped when you showed 'evidence' of the deportation with the 'scanned' document. it is possible to find a copy of government documentation online, and he ruined the illusion by changing the documents fields with your own entries, but using a different typeface...
enough of the fool's day shennanigans.

i'm tired. work is losing its appeal. working less hours, making less money, debt is rising. but the cuties that i work with are still there. pros and cons, i hate them.

Monday, March 31, 2003

well, i'm back. back to the old blog like a crack whore to the blow dealing pimp daddy. giving head just to get through the withdrawals. yes, i relish in the use of disgusting analogies. the real reason of my return to blogspot space is because sub-central is currently down for reasons unknown to me.

lets move things...forward, as that pitiful brit rapper-wannabe says in that song. ugh. uhm yeah.
well, it seems my mind state is starting to focus on my long term goals and shit. namely, getting out of Sacramento and into a school in southern California. since i have no chance of making it into a UC, i figured i can settle and try and get into a CSU. when Ryan or whoever it was said that Veteran's Affairs doesn't cover private college tuition, i simply decided FUCK THAT against going to Cogswell or any technical school. besides, their tuition is far more expensive than that of a state school. i try to do everything i can to alleviate any financial hardship on my parents. but they seem to endure through all that.
my current choices are falling between CSU San Marcos (somewhere north of San Diego), and San Diego State University. I don't think i'll go for SDSU, seeing as how my cousin Jaclyn went there and promptly returned within the semster. so San Marcos it is. sounds like a nice little town. anything than this little town. but i digress.

starting to scout around, searching for the things i'll need when i finally break loose from the 'womb' and try to make it on my own. that Ford Focus doesn't seem any closer, but thats not a big deal. i'm mostly concerned about whether i should buy a digital camera or DV camcorder that has digital still imaging. i'd definitely save money, but sacrifice portability. decisions, decisions. basically, i'm trying to center my solo life around the use of hi-tech tools, with my iBook as the hub to bind it all together. the digital lifestyle, as Apple puts it. fitting, i think.
oh yeah, i believe my major will be illustration, or multimedia/web design. anything that'll allow me to free the creative thoughts i've imprisoned. i'll most likely choose the multimeda path to enlightenment.
at the same time that i am planning my emancipation, i'm also thinking of all these luxuries i can install into my current environment, including studio lights and an art desk. and i have this wacky idea of buying a projector and hooking it up to my laptop so i could watch movies projected onto my wall or some kind of screen i'll install into the ceiling. its pretty wild. you should see the setup i want to use if i were to put an in-room theater system to work. i'm also contemplating networking my macs to the new pc downstairs. so much work to do.

and how do i plan to pay for such lavish add-ons? hell if i know. but i plan to get a job at the apple store opening at arden fair mall. it's destiny, i say. well, not really. you see, such a lucrative job has its ups and downs. for one, its in arden, thats quite the commute. just as bad as as commuting to my current job. but its the mall, plenty of reason to be there anyway. but...i'd potentially be working in the same area as Claudia, not someone i would hope to bump into every so often. things are bad enough as they are, but seeing her every day i work? shit. another cool thing is that the bulk of the Starbucks in Sacramento that are wirelessly connected to the Internet are downtown and in the arden area, so i have plenty of places to retreat to if i need a quick net fix.
so, i've got to get started on looking for a job, like now. work at FTB will probably end in May, unless i quit before that. thats a nice idea. wouldn't want to get fired like the other job. ugh, i'm still disgusted by the thought of the racquet club.

i have made the decision to never tell any of my friends about my current romantic affairs, or lack thereof. theres always some kind of confusion that leads to poorly formulated hypotheses. assumption is the mind killer... or is that fear? definitely assumption. well, the exception to whom i would share such things would be Big Jon, since i've known him longer and can depend on him to keep it to himself. besides, he doesn't kick it with our circle very often, so the confusion is minimal. the most i'll do is probably hint at some goings-on, but nothing more. y'all are too stupid to comprehend, but i love ya anyway.

i think i'll start drifting away from socializing with friends and folks, since their presence is usually a deterrent to whatever i need to get done. sure, i'll make time to hang out with friends and girls, but less than usual. need time to structure the rest of my college life so i can actually graduate before i'm 24 or something. if my social life suffers, so be it. besides, 'socializing' with my current circle of friends isn't what it used to be, and that realization is starting to set in and is highly embittering. the glossy sheen on life's exterior is starting to fade and depreciate in value. damn, i'm starting to sound emo again. crap. i hope this jaded side of me isn't rubbing off on the ladies, i mean lady, i mean...yeah. nothing. holy shit, i think it is. i better quit this before i grab my guitar and start playing in an ear-splitting reverie of angst towards the opposite sex and disillusionment of life.

"...found a box of sharp objects what a beautiful day...."
-The Used

until optica goes back online, you'll catch me here.