Wednesday, April 02, 2003

geeze. i applaud Jaime for the audacity to attempt pranks on April Fool's Day. it's sophomoric, but it definitely made me laugh. props.
this monkey's antics include sending each of the sQuiD members a special edition of the newsletter announcing the disbanding of our group. sure, we discussed the idea recently, and we even went so far as to agree that dissolution of the union was imminent, but we didn't officially agree to anything. when i read the e-mail, i was automatically confused, because i thought a decision had been made without my knowledge. i quickly realized it was a joke. you see, i don't give a second thought on the purpose of April 1st, and Jaime easily exploited that thought. i'm quite sure most people would fall for it just as easily.
his second act was to post a message on his website (yes, i browse it quite frequently) announcing that he's being deported. another good shot. nearly had me there. sure, he's a resident alien, and sure he could be deported for any number of reasons, but you slipped when you showed 'evidence' of the deportation with the 'scanned' document. it is possible to find a copy of government documentation online, and he ruined the illusion by changing the documents fields with your own entries, but using a different typeface...
enough of the fool's day shennanigans.

i'm tired. work is losing its appeal. working less hours, making less money, debt is rising. but the cuties that i work with are still there. pros and cons, i hate them.

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