Friday, April 04, 2003

holy crap. i was snooping around in my workhorse-of-a-website on geocities, and found a crapload of my old web designs. hell, i forgot i even did most of them. at least i know i have some kind of portfolio of work hidden away somewhere, and i'm currently in the process of archiving them onto my computer for future reference. actually, i'm quite proud of most of these designs, and i'm going to try and format them to be PC friendly.
heres the link to all of my 'creations' of ages past:
Acoustic Expression (the Dashboard Confessional days)
Emocore: Dig it Sucka ('emo' inspired)
Interim: Nothing's Permanent (winter theme)
vision imperial (a partial design)
too bad liquid2k sucks balls, because i think i have at least one design sitting in my old account. had my current "maverick" theme, but its all kaput now. oh well.
No Brainer is the current design. really simplistic, took me 45 minutes or so. really sucks, too. hahahahahahha.

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