Sunday, April 06, 2003

mmmmm. the taste of blood is so...refreshing. i think i swallowed at least 5 blood clots in the past 24 hours. it feels like my digestive system is rejecting the excessive amounts of blood i've swallowed and i'm slowly dying. that would suck, because i finally got a copy of photoshop 7 to work with. amador said my breath would reek of death, and indeed it has. this really does suck.
camera...i want a digital camera... must... vainly.... display myself... on the internet... to... boost... my... ego. but i could sure use a digital imaging device for more than just that.
whats sucks the most about my current predicament is that half of the entire family has come by tonight, and my mom cooked tons of food to feed them. i can only eat one dish out of the dozen's cooked. DAMMMITTTTTTT. i better lose 10 pounds after this ordeal is over, so i can gain it all back.

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