Thursday, December 06, 2012

†╫®§Ð¥ЋɌɰÐШⁿ 001: Indigestion Suggestion

Plug in or turn it up, dim the lights and exclude those outside distractions, because the next 45 minutes of your life will consist of visualized sounds and potentially graphic vocabulary. From A$AP Rocky to Py, these music videos encompass a range of genres for the week... something to get those elbows jabbin and toes swaying into the weekend.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Post-ice cream visual stimulation- Remedio Varos and others

Y'know, sometimes the universe replies to one's individual need for satisfaction. This time serendipity expressed itself as as a display of this person's work. I was eating cookies a la mode with my hot choco and within this timeframe decided to stumble for art; I needed a severe dosage of creative fuel. Ideas of surrealist mindscapes have called to me lately in these compact dreams I have in those anxious snippets of sleep I can claim.