Thursday, December 06, 2012

†╫®§Ð¥ЋɌɰÐШⁿ 001: Indigestion Suggestion

Plug in or turn it up, dim the lights and exclude those outside distractions, because the next 45 minutes of your life will consist of visualized sounds and potentially graphic vocabulary. From A$AP Rocky to Py, these music videos encompass a range of genres for the week... something to get those elbows jabbin and toes swaying into the weekend.

Kyle Bent is part of that new class of young MCs bringing freshness to hip-hop. That gonzo narrative over the kid's determined flow helps establish the anthemic quality of the track. As they say, don't sleep on Kyle Bent.
Ok, so I'm not a gigantic fan of half the cats on this track, but damn. The beat and video epitomizes a throwdown. Drizzy is only 'nyeh' in my opinion, 2Chains is ample entertainment, because that signature pokemon-esque announcement of his name on a song echoes in my head each time I am reminded of Tity Boi. TWO CHAIINNSSS. The draw is Kendrick. One of the best this year, hands up and down. The music video is really a tour de force of the rap game today; overconfident yet real, ratchet while putting down the sledge.
Well shit, Earl was freed. Now that it is settled, let us return to the masterful lyricism that we know this kid is capable of. Talk about ASMR, listening to this track is cerebral. Nice touch with the Pharcyde allusion. 
So the song doesn't carry the same weight as the radio banger in the decibel department, but the contrast here is worth mentioning. Instead of a relatively homoerotic glimpse at the sip-smoke-stunt lifestyle, "They Know," adds a measure of credibility for his persona. Except for the auto-tune. It still trips me out that these music videos are filmed at a house, avoiding production costs from renting private jets and speed boats.
Now this is my kind of jam. Starkey. Command. Electronic Dance Music at its finest. There are shades of dub/bro step with splashes of my preferred trap drums. AND THE VIDEO. ITS A TRAP! It's perfect soundtrack material. I would also suggest listening to the mix below:

It is no secret that I lift the majority of my current musical choices from pigeons and planes, and gems like Elliphant make my week. Recommendations like this makes it enjoyable for me to curate a quickie playlist. I kinda imagine this being Ellie Goulding's edgy cousin that likes to party at Brixton grime clubs.
Not too long ago (this year), I was introduced to Py while browsing pigsnplans. Her mix was a stand-out offering, and this track in particular was the momentous switch of rhythm. Excuse my speechlessness because I am watching the video for the fourth time.
If you do not like St. Lucia we cannot be friends. Forreal though. This is electric. I think I missed his show in Sac recently, and I regret that among many things this year. Oddly enough, anytime I think of St. Lucia I confuse myself and imagine St. Vincent. And I am content to humiliate myself in front of any hipster/music snob when referencing the former as the latter because I will take this every day of the year:

And lastly, m83. The "Wait" music video serves as the final chapter of a triple-feature narrative produced in collaboration with The Creator's Project. Which blows my brain out of my cranium. This band has come a long way since 2005's "Before the Dawn Heals Us," when I was introduced to them. A Victoria Secret commercial and metaphorically transfixed soundscapes later, we see that they are still at the top of their game. One day I shall see them in concert and miraculously crowdsurf onto the stage shooting lasers from my eyes. Oh wait, I am immersing myself into the music videos.

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