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Welcome to the Future, again.

2013 looks to be a breakthrough year for science fiction films, and understandably so. The next eight trailers feature hypergiant class star powahh. Will and Jaden Smith, Tom Cruise, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, RDJr, B-Pitt, IDRIS ELBASSZ? Yes, at least one hundred of my dollars will be set aside for these features. Let's get down to business.

Okay, so the snafu that happened with the G.I. Joe sequel is yet another Hollywood demerit. This movie was originally slated for release this year, but an apparent fan reaction to the removal of Duke (Channing Tatum) in the beginning of the movie garnered an outcry. Go figure. My guess is that other logistical problems occurred and the movie was taken back to scratch street. Or maybe they will just reshoot and twist up a blunt coup de grace in the climax. Either way, certain actors were not recast (JGL!), and what could've been a charming action romp is a delayed haymaker. And I was looking forward to a G.I. Joe flick that would shine a light on Flint and Lady Jaye. Come March 29, I may be in the theater, unless it get's pushed back once more.
It looks like Tom Cruise is back in form as the pre-eminent hero. While, I am not the zealot for his one-dimensional performances, that one dimension is all the average viewer really needs. Enter Oblivion. Inspired set-pieces and the anticipatory intensity that will have my eyeballs focused on the screen. Look for he who is called the Alpha and the Omeg.. Morgan Freeman to lend a satisfying counter-balance to the veritable breathes that will be taken from your lungs. At the very least, we can rest assured that the Tinsel Town brass will always pair Cruise with some seductive female actresses. Olga Kurylenko, where have you been all my life? Answer: Quantum of Solace. Plus five points. Keep April 12 open in your schedule.
Iron Man 3, where do I begin? With RDJr? Sure. He is the workhorse that carried Avengers to a GROSS 1.5 bil leviathan of a payday. Him and Joss Whedon. And Mark Ruffalo. And maybe ScarJo? You're welcome, comic book geeks. The playboy cum gold guardian now faces the story arc resolution of a franchise. Remember when they blurbed about the Ten Rings organization in the first movie? Now Sir Ben " Sexy Beast" Kingsley steps out of the shadows to one-up Mickey Rourke and The Dude (Jeff Bridges). As the Mandarin, he will likely not be called that in the film, more likely wreck house. Guy Pearce will be on hand to set events in motion as the guy, heh, that undoubtedly transforms the hero's capabilities. Overall, I am pretty psyched to see the Extremis arc from the comic books in action. The trailer irks me in the vocality of the dialogue and Kingsley's delivered lines. But I will still be there on my birthday (May 3) to watch this.
I shall praise J.J. Abrams for reinvigorating a storied myth that had fallen on bunk times. Do not get me wrong, I liked most of the ST:TNG movies. However, the franchise suffered from disheartening transitions into the big screen. Is it me, or didn't most of the Trek movies seem like long episodes of the source rather than respectable cinema fare? Except for Wrath of Khan, that was incomparable. Speaking of, I am Jamba JUICED over Into Darkness. Not only is it the refix of... Hold on, is it Khan Noonien Singh or not? The trailer draws my conclusion to allusions of rogue übermensch from the Eugenics Wars in Trek lore. None should hold their breath because that is a dangerous gambit in the face of Abrams' ability to confound and weave your attention like so many beautiful women. Bring on Alice Eve on May 17.
Now we get into some serious hard sci-fi for the masses. Jaden Smith is already looking to be a powerhouse, and I verily doubt that any can ignore a performance from The Fresh Prince. Granted, I am not elbow-deep in movie schedules, but this came out of deep left field for me. Perhaps I had written off M. Night Shymalllalalan days ago for the sacrilege of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Maybe I was too hyped about superhero movies this year to notice After Earth on the board. Without seeing anymore than this magnificent trailer, I absolve that director of his follies because I really enjoyed all his offerings before the great mistake. Will this movie be The Road in a far distant future? Let us hope on June 7 that it exceeds all expectations.
I liked Superman Returns. It was a nifty insertion of a time between the Christopher Reeve movies. It did insert a bit more so, and maybe that was what turned the fanboys off (other than Brandon Routh, because Kev Spacey is genius). Watch the trailer, dry your loins and thoroughly prepare yourself for anything. Not only does this Superman, portrayed by hunko Henry Cavill, look legit, he is joined by Amy Adams, Kev Costner, ANNNND my lady Diane Lane. Dynamite cast. It looks to treat Kal-El's origin and Clark Kent's rise in proper fashion. And two words seperated with a hyphen: Dru-Zod. KNEEL BEFORE HIM ON JUNE 14TH. Also, word at the dweeb rumor mill is that there is the strong possibility for Man Of Steel to be the beginnings of a lead-in to a wider scheme. John Blake may take the cowl as the Caped Crusader OR a cameo by some other superhero in order to hint at a Justice League forming. Considering that Christopher Nolan has producer credit, along with luminary writer David S. Goyer on the books, and helm control by Zack Snyder, I am absolutely giddy with nerdismic joy for the potential here.
From what I gather, World War Z departs from the book that started the whole zombie apocalypse revival. No matter, we're talking Brad Pitt here. I predict character studies rather than gore-fest. Which is what a zombocalypse is all about. This trailer leaves a lot to be desired, but I am for a film that highlights desperation in dire times. I mean, look at that manly gaze and hear his stoic voice. Ever since Legends of the Fall, I tell you. Ever. Since. Bears, zombies, doesn't matter what Burado is faced with, he delivers. No tip necessary, save the money for June 21.
When I saw this trailer, I got emotional. Luckily no one else was in the office to see my vulnerability. But where is Hellboy 3, Mr. Del Toro??? In the meantime, I am so content. Pacific Rim is his love letter to Kaiju movies. It is the true realization of giant mechs fighting monsters that my heart has longed for. Charlie Hunnam, some asian chick, and the big brov Idris Elba. Add a mobile suit mechanism that hearkens to Neon Genesis: Evangelion. I wish I had written this story. Two people piloting a humanoid war machine, their neural systems interconnected to operate the weapon, battling vicious Gojira-esque fiends. July 12 will not arrive soon enough. And to think, I was going to insert a viral trailer I found for this throwdown. The appearance of an official trailer made my week!

As powerful as these trailers are, I also have to give honorable mention to some upcoming films that have no preview ready. Some aren't quite science fiction, but relatives nonetheless.
Dark Skies just might be a touch-up job of a previous alien horror movie, but it falls under the broad umbrella of science fiction. I will likely skip the movie, but it will excite scary movie fans and exomorph fans somewhere somehow. Also, Keri Russel is in it, and I am mildly pleased she can attempt to break out of Felicity's shadow.
The Host. I am on the fence. It feels like I Am Number Nine or whatever that movie was. It is also a movie adaptation of a book written by the one who brought us Twilight. The more a person digests that fact, the more convinced a person will be about watching it.
Kick-Ass 2. Less Nick Cage, more Chloë Grace Moretz. It is another contribution to the superhero genre film. Good stuff!
Elysium. A space colony of bourgeois humans oppressing humans on an Earth that is in squalor.  Space Colonization is one of my favorite concepts in science fiction. That is enough to pique my interest in yet another hard sci-fi film. This movie category has grown to attract some heavyweight actors and that opens the gates for better movies. Society needs to erase the memory of the Total Recall remake by seeing this movie August 9.
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 3D and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith 3D. Natalie Portman's amazing body in 3D. YES PLEASE!
Ender's Game. Children raised and trained to combat the returning threat of alien adversaries. A celebrated book series brought into live action. Flip a coin.
Thor: The Dark World. The Marvel Cinematic Universe marches forward with a return to Asgard and a muscular Chris Hemsworth doing things with Mjolnir. Brooding Loki. Also Destro a.k.a. the ninth Doctor Who (Chris Eccleston). A must watch so that we can fill Marvel Studios' coffers. That way we can see a Black Panther, Luke Cage/Iron Fist, or Doctor Strange movie in the production schedule. Or, dare I say it, Black Widow/Hawkeye movie which I will call Thunderbolts? Except that Secret Avengers is more likely. Except that a spin off of supporting characters will go the way of Elektra.
Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I am only watching this movie because of Jennifer Lawrence. That is what is up.

The Wolverine. Um. Yeah. Moar X-Men as handled by 20th Century Fox.

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