Thursday, January 23, 2003

Holy shit, Voltron is back, in comic form! Mark Brooks of the LedHeavy crew is pencilling the preview book of Voltron, and it looks fan-fucking-tastic. Also, rising star penciller, Skottie Young, is doing the Human Torch one shot for Marvel. Check ledheavy for the all things ledheavy related.
One month after Shoboken's demise, I'm finally tracking down most of the former shobo hostees. At the same time, I'm checking out some of the well-known hosting rings, and a couple of new collectives, too. So far, I've found many of my favorite artists from the shobo era. Check out sub-central, resnorm, tenkuu, orbit3, defuser, and killerart, to name a few. Most of the really cool websites aren't even really listed on the main pages of these hosts, so it would take some actual word-of-mouth to find the good stuff. Happy hunting.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

I thoroughly enjoy neglecting the artwork I should be doing right now. After all, it's only due in 5 days. It's not like I plan on inking and coloring them. Hell, I didnt even pour my whole soul into this little project, and I hadn't attempted to push my abilities to their limits. It's only understandable, since I have no artistic skill, and am only wasting mine as well as your time. It doesnt matter anymore since I lost my 0.02 Sakura Pigma Micron pen. I think I'll go shoot myself.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Do you wonder what has spurred me to return to art like a demon to an innocent soul? Most likely not. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and this particular photo is worth the thousands of words that cannot even begin to explain my resurgence to the art scene. Nevertheless, life is bliss.
The first fully complete art from me is now online, uploaded to my website last night. It's been far too long since I've produced new art, and even longer since it was color/digital art. I snagged a picture from transworld snowboarding's website, and did a shotty (in my opinion) vector art over it. It looks pretty swank, with the jagged shapes; a break from my normal vector style (using the pen tool and bezier curves). There's something soothing, almost a zen-like quality, about seeing a rider jump a 50 foot drop over a mountain road.
Check it out

"Be aggressive, dont hold back" -Ron. No truer (nor wiser) words have ever been spoken by that man.
My sister looks like steam-rolled shit this afternoon. I'm seriously diggin Justin Timberlake's album "Justified." Life is going great without having seen Claudia in weeks. Where did the world go wrong?

Monday, January 20, 2003

Dynatherms connected, we are go for relaunch. The missing links have been recovered and I am now ready to revamp project optica. I've got a winter theme ready, and I've only to put this baby together and the shit will hit the fan. Spring semester starts tomorrow, bah.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Shit. Snowboard trip tomorrow cancelled. I am pissed. Whom shall I assail with a 12 gauge shotgun?
So I called up my ex-girlfriend tonight, and talked to her for about half an hour. Normally, I would curse her very name for 'deserting' me on so many occasions in the past, but this time around, I am actually intrigued by her sudden reappearance in my life. You don't just call up your ex-boyfriend's cousin and ask her for his phone number after leaving him hanging for nearly a year (and longer than that in past instances) and not have some ulterior motive other than, "I just wanted to say hi and see how you've been." It is a dangerous game I am playing by stepping back into a memory I'd rather forget. Three times out of four, this ended in some kind of emotional scar for me.
Moping will solve nothing in this world, so chin up buddy-oh. Tomorrow you'll be hitting the slopes once more, knee deep in white gold. College life returns the day after your snowboard trip, and another snowboard escapade will follow this coming Saturday, so life is not as dreary as you once may have known it. And why are you talking to yourself in the third person, you psycho?
Schizophrenia aside, I am stoked to board tomorrow. Shit, I was hyped just to hear about my buddy's ski trip to Whistler in Canada. Hearing about someone else's experience on one of snowboarding's most infamous mountains made me salivate in vicarious desire. Once I get my board, bindings and boots, you better believe I'm going to neglect all responsibilities and ride the slopes solo. For now, I can rest content with my current status as a green rider and compile a cd for me to listen to when I snowboard tomorrow. Does pneumonia strike twice?