Friday, March 26, 2004

Weeeeiiiiird Week.

This has been a fairly long and taxing week, and it's bound to get extremely more taxing Friday night. FUCK. Hell, today has been pretty fucking long a day. Monday and Wednesday were 8 hour shift days, just so I can move my hours around and work a 4 hour shift on Friday. However, Monday was still an opportunity to kick it with the folks at Pat's house. Good times, our 'family' of friends met a new addition to the crowd, Ralphie. Ralphie rocks.
Anthony is on spring break this week, and him, Ryan, Jaime, Nolan, and I went out to WinCo that night to score the crowd some booze.

Wednesday, I actually got to go to my morning communication studies class. Kicked it after class with Terell for a minute, conversed about gravity bongs and spring break plans.

Thursday, I had to finish up a 4 page essay for my other comm studies class, essentially scrambling my thinking processes for the rest of the day. After class, Dave and I kicked it the rest of the day. We wandered from the schools library, to the cafeteria/union, and back to the library. Dave got to meet Sherly, and they conversed for a while in their native Indonesian languages. Groovy. Oh yeah! I got two essentially unexpected calls, one from Shannon giving me directions for her party Friday night, and one from my buddy in Florida, Travis (Diabolicol). After those calls, and after Dave got plenty of foreign language exercise in with Shmerl, Dave and I rolled out to Laguna to KB Toys and Borders. Saw Her #6 (the Jailbait) at Borders. One more instance of weirdness to add to my week. Not to mention Alex called me earlier in the day and didnt leave a message; I ended up calling the number back and speaking briefly with Alex's grandmother.
And now, there's another kick-back at Pat's, which I've chosen to skip. Tired. Weird week. Need to recuperate. Or something!

Friday night is going to involve a step back into a weird chapter of my night, Shannon's party will most likely have Her #2 attending. Along with her current beau. And me with my standard crew of homies. No girl to show her up and show that I've gotten along without her. Oh well! I can show her that I've become badass in the time since and astound her with my destructive habits of smoking and drinking. Yeah, that'll impress her REAL well.