Monday, April 12, 2004

The gloves are off.

Dearest friends,

I hate to say it (yet at the same time, I revel in the prospect), but I'm going to be on a serious hiatus from now on. Until when? I don't know for sure. Maybe come April 30 or May 3. Which ever works out best. Reason? I don't really feel I owe anyone a reason, but I may as well, because I might get a flood (more like trickle) of communique from folks calling me out. In a week, I've got a 10 page research paper due that I've got to start on which I should have been working on all semester. The late night kick-its did not help me get started on this at all. This is serious crunch time, friends. Although I abhor the idea of continuing school, I need to at least pass my classes this semester so I won't be any farther behind than I already am.

Spring break SHOULD have been at least 5 days dedicated only to work, this research paper, and video games. Instead I'm looking back on it and I'm seeing that nothing happened as hoped. So now I hate everything. This random assortment of days, albeit fun, have probably been the worst time for me to attempt to live. I'm not supposed to be out late hanging out. I'm not supposed to be spending money for the benefit of entertaining me and my friends. I'm not supposed to be social. As much as I want to be there for each and every one of you through thick and thin, I can't. I know I'm going to regret even trying to achieve some kind of passing grade, and I know I'll regret not being there for thing even more. But this has to be done.

I thought I had found my focus this year, the set path I must walk to make something of myself, but in finding that focus, a lot of my previous priorites were fucked to the moon and back. What I did was just delude myself, fooled myself into thinking that the objective was clear. Instead, my mind is fucking TORN, and I've been more indecisive about even the LITTLE things more than I ever have.

To tell you the truth, the next two weeks will probably fuck me up worse than any girl, academic grade, or drugs ever had. So. This is goodbye.

But don't take this as me backing out of any allegiances and promises I've made, because I will come back to rip shit up. Just not now, or anytime in the immediate future. I won't be online to chat from now on, nor will I be frequenting any message boards you would normally see me in. I won't be answering the call to go out and have fun. I won't waste anymore of anyone else's time. However, I will answer e-mails, if ever I get them.

Alex: I'm still dedicated to the cause, but I know you'll move right along with or without me to lend some kind of supporting role. Be thankful Rob is just as stalwart (or even more so) than I. The month of May will see my return to rock out. I'll get you that $30 for the comic boards somehow.

Rob: I didn't forget the track you want me to spit lyrics on, I've worked on it a little bit. I'll leave it up to you, Alex, and Ryan to keep the forums alive while I'm in self-exile.

Ryan/Nolan/Nick: Keep me posted on the development of your works, especially the track I'm supposed to battle Blithe.

Jun: Seeing as how you haven't answered the last TF challenge, here's the answer:
1. Megatron/Prime
2. Megatron/Starscream
3. Jetfire (Skyfire)/Starscream
4. Omega Supreme/Devastator (Constructicons)
5. Omega Supreme/Astrotrain
6. Metroplex/Trypticon
7. Fortress Maximus/Scorponok