Monday, February 28, 2005


yes, you can.

This weekend was chill, and dare I say, AWESOME? It was fairly haphazard, as far as I can tell. Friday, did the normal thing, school bleh bleh bleh. Kicked it with Lazell after class, happily accepted cigarettes from her while we hung out at CRC. The rest of Friday is lost in my memory somewhere. I probably slept through most of it.

Saturday was a blast, forrealz. Woke up early after only 2 hours of sleep. I blame it on my willingness to stay up and talk to Claudia online. I'm a sucker for her sometimes. Dropped off the younger sister to Elk Grove High for some reason, went home, ate a fat breakfast, waited expectingly for Ron. An hour and a half after he said he'd come pick me up, I wake up on the living room couch to his doorbell. It's around 10:30am now, but the loss of time didn't matter because we were going to snowboard for free anyway. By the time we got to Lincoln, I was passed out; woke up in Truckee on the way to Northstar. Suited up, grabbed the board, strolled up into Northstar like badasses. Ron went into the rental shop and got our lift ticket hook-ups.

We took the Vista lift to avoid the slow gondola ride to mid-mountain, and cut straight to the waypoint. Checked our backpacks in, and took the Pioneer lift to make a blazingly quick run down the bunnyhill for a warm-up. And when I say quick, I mean we zipped through the open hill with no stops and pure speed. At the bottom of the run, we hit up Pioneer lift again, but this time we went down the backdoor trail which led straight to the back side. After the corridor transferred onto the main runs, it dropped into this crazy hill dotted with ridges and bumps like a broken mogul. I actually think I went down part of a mogul. Should've listened to Ron when he said to stick to the side of the hill. The back side lift took us to the summit, and from there we hit the backside again. By the time I caught up to Ron, we were exhausted enough to get lunch. We called it quits after the meal, and once again Ron led the way to a faster and efficient trail to the village. Productive to say the least, Painful to say the most.

When I got home, I sat my ass down to rest, then got ready to hang out with the cousins for Jr's birthday. ate, went home, slept. Woke up again, this time for church, got home, slept again.
Woke up at 7pm (hell yeah), realized there was nothing good to eat at home, put on some clothes, left to get food. It started raining, but I was too hungry to let that stop me. Made a quick stop at the Monkey House, said whassup to Kiel, Jasmine, and Jaime. Reclaimed my zippo lighter, then went to grab some grub. Carne Asada fries from Carolina's. A forty ounce of King Cobra and MGD from the local liquor store. Gave the 40oz to Kiel and ate my fries ecstaticly. Rob and Jen had come home by the time I returned, and they brought liquor with them, as well. Two bottles of wine from their trip to Sonoma. Pat waltzed in minutes later, with a bottle of E&J. Just another night hanging out at the Monkey House.