Saturday, January 18, 2003

Holy moly, true funk has returned to grace yo face with all kinds of madness. Once, there was a promised land called DSForums, but the dream died. Now, RPSforums has come to smack ya momma with groovin' delight. Oh, I am a happy little boyscout.
In other events around my miniscule world, I've had a pretty busy day today. Left home to go to "work," but in fact, I took the day off to do a bit of snowboarding. Checked out Northstar at Tahoe, and hot damn thats a great place. After ditching the slopestyle competition they were hosting, Ron and I went to Donner Ski Ranch and put in a few hours on the slope. Carving it like four-star chef, I say. After today's warm-up, we headed back home, and once again Ron endangered our lives by driving like a half-drunken panda bear. We were both tired, so it's understandable that he would begin resembling a giant racoon. After hitting up Mountain & Surf downtown and Arden Mall shortly after, all in the search for a snowboarding jacket for me, the big boss and I ate at that disgusting shitpail of a fast food chain, McDonalds. After much conversation, including, and not limited to: Transformers, Peruvian women, cities to live in other than Sacramento, comparable fast food restaurants, eastern and western cultures, and snowboarding, we agreed that: Transformers are a great nostalgic vehicle and way too confusing to understand, the hottest Peruvian women work at Northstar, Hong Kong would be a great place to live, In and Out OWNS all fast food chains (with Carl's Jr. being first loser), Japanese porn reflects its spoiled culture (whereas American porn directly correlates to its amazing amount of civil liberties), and that our next two trips back to the mountains will be this Monday @ Donner and next Saturday at Northstar. Whew, if i weren't typing that last sentence, I'd probably be out of breath. Inhale, exhale, yep, you're doing fine.
I've come to the realization that all of the wittiest, hilarious, and ingenious thoughts I ever process in a day are forgotten by that day's end and is unfortunately replaced by sub-par banter and reflection. Yeah, I apologize for my lack of short term memory.
Today was the end of two weeks, 10 back to back days of training as an employee of the state of California. I'm more or less ready to embrace my role as a seasonal student assistant. I'm going to miss being in that training class with my future coworkers; it was way too laidback for its own good. But hey, it's something of a reflection of the work environment, because state jobs are the road to plump bellies and sloth. Just ask Ron, he should know better than most. Stories of playing with boxes of styrofoam in the storage rooms are enough for me to puke in disgust. Eh, I'll be doing similar boredom-induced retardness, no doubt about that. Veering back onto the highway...Yes, I'll miss the time spent with my fellow relative-newbies. Like Trey, a great guy with tons of charisma and people skills. And Andrea (Drea), a really cool cat that carpooled with my sister and Trey. Surprisingly, Drea lives just down the street from my cousin Geno, and used to ride the bus with him. Then theres John, and inquisitive mind with a odd, yet refreshing perspective on the world. Of course, I can't leave out Anh (Ann). Oh goodness, Anh. She's a cutie that goes to Sac State and is no stranger to snowboarding. Shes a bit older than me (21), but I'm certainly not intimidated by that. Well, I'll be getting to know her once work starts up next month, you better belive that, yo. I think my brain just exhausted the last important nerve cells, so I should probably give the clunker a rest, eh? Later.

Friday, January 17, 2003

>The adventures of Rod begin once more, and boy-oh-boy are they going to be action-packed with...uh...action.
For one, I can safely say that I am fully back into the art groove, and ready to lay the much-needed funk onto pressed wood fibers. The secret chronicles of the Hapless one himself have restarted with a new romp into that confusing world of love and shit. Once I've finished that bad boy, I'll be more than happy to share it with you, kind readers. Similarly, I have once again put my noggin to floggin (that phrase randomly came to mind, honest), and have put 6 new installments of "Freestyle" (formerly Ride), my xtreme sports/counterculture comic strip, into work. Thank il Presidente, Ron, for pushing me to make more comics. On that note, I'm juggling a side order of VOID battles and redesigning optica.sub-central. Hell yeah.
Secondly, I've learned that joy comes with fists full of dollars. Thank goodness I've got at least a fist full. Snowboarding is an expensive sport, but the fun it brings is nearly unmatched. Having money goes hand in hand with fun. Hell, I might as well be holding Lincoln's head than a girl's hand. Money comes and goes, but the fun times it brings should last far longer than currency (as memories, of course).
Lastly...there is no lastly. I'm tired, and have work in the afternoon. When you're not reading this, go out, live life, and have fun, why don'tcha?
moniker: Vision (Vi•Zee•Yon) n.
A struggling artist, transplanted from one social clime to another, completely polar, social clime. The consumnate belligerent, and hostile aggressor, yet docile and passive at the same time; reflective of personal attempt to overcome it's terminal destiny as the universal "step-ladder" to the world. Defensive in nature, secretive and vague in many aspects. Averse to exposure to sensitivity, for fear of further damage to already frail confidence. A demon when layin' tha funk down with tha lead and rubber.

revision n.:
The act of looking over something with the intention of improving or correcting it. The resurrection of an old web-based journal in a brand-spankin' new form and format.

>Second Millenium, third sidereal cycle, Ano Domini two-thousand and three. A new year, new perspective, new outlook on life, and most importantly, a new found glory. After calling it quits with Vision Imperial, my first weblog incarnation, I breathed new life into the same old formula, incorporating a different, and radically new concept: soul. Yep, the last blog just didn't permeate enough of my persona into, and I'm taking steps to changing that. Thus, Vision Imperial is reborn as reVISION.
2003 looks to be a milestone in my life; great memories will be made, and some memories have already been chiseled on the walls of my mind. I have a really good feeling about this year, other than the overwhelming dread that the Annunaki are returning to Earth to re-enslave the genetic project they call humanity and puppeteer homo sapiens in their dark agenda of stripping our planet of its rich resources. Freaky, ain't it.