Saturday, January 18, 2003

Today was the end of two weeks, 10 back to back days of training as an employee of the state of California. I'm more or less ready to embrace my role as a seasonal student assistant. I'm going to miss being in that training class with my future coworkers; it was way too laidback for its own good. But hey, it's something of a reflection of the work environment, because state jobs are the road to plump bellies and sloth. Just ask Ron, he should know better than most. Stories of playing with boxes of styrofoam in the storage rooms are enough for me to puke in disgust. Eh, I'll be doing similar boredom-induced retardness, no doubt about that. Veering back onto the highway...Yes, I'll miss the time spent with my fellow relative-newbies. Like Trey, a great guy with tons of charisma and people skills. And Andrea (Drea), a really cool cat that carpooled with my sister and Trey. Surprisingly, Drea lives just down the street from my cousin Geno, and used to ride the bus with him. Then theres John, and inquisitive mind with a odd, yet refreshing perspective on the world. Of course, I can't leave out Anh (Ann). Oh goodness, Anh. She's a cutie that goes to Sac State and is no stranger to snowboarding. Shes a bit older than me (21), but I'm certainly not intimidated by that. Well, I'll be getting to know her once work starts up next month, you better belive that, yo. I think my brain just exhausted the last important nerve cells, so I should probably give the clunker a rest, eh? Later.

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