Friday, January 17, 2003

>The adventures of Rod begin once more, and boy-oh-boy are they going to be action-packed with...uh...action.
For one, I can safely say that I am fully back into the art groove, and ready to lay the much-needed funk onto pressed wood fibers. The secret chronicles of the Hapless one himself have restarted with a new romp into that confusing world of love and shit. Once I've finished that bad boy, I'll be more than happy to share it with you, kind readers. Similarly, I have once again put my noggin to floggin (that phrase randomly came to mind, honest), and have put 6 new installments of "Freestyle" (formerly Ride), my xtreme sports/counterculture comic strip, into work. Thank il Presidente, Ron, for pushing me to make more comics. On that note, I'm juggling a side order of VOID battles and redesigning optica.sub-central. Hell yeah.
Secondly, I've learned that joy comes with fists full of dollars. Thank goodness I've got at least a fist full. Snowboarding is an expensive sport, but the fun it brings is nearly unmatched. Having money goes hand in hand with fun. Hell, I might as well be holding Lincoln's head than a girl's hand. Money comes and goes, but the fun times it brings should last far longer than currency (as memories, of course).
Lastly...there is no lastly. I'm tired, and have work in the afternoon. When you're not reading this, go out, live life, and have fun, why don'tcha?

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