Friday, January 17, 2003

moniker: Vision (Vi•Zee•Yon) n.
A struggling artist, transplanted from one social clime to another, completely polar, social clime. The consumnate belligerent, and hostile aggressor, yet docile and passive at the same time; reflective of personal attempt to overcome it's terminal destiny as the universal "step-ladder" to the world. Defensive in nature, secretive and vague in many aspects. Averse to exposure to sensitivity, for fear of further damage to already frail confidence. A demon when layin' tha funk down with tha lead and rubber.

revision n.:
The act of looking over something with the intention of improving or correcting it. The resurrection of an old web-based journal in a brand-spankin' new form and format.

>Second Millenium, third sidereal cycle, Ano Domini two-thousand and three. A new year, new perspective, new outlook on life, and most importantly, a new found glory. After calling it quits with Vision Imperial, my first weblog incarnation, I breathed new life into the same old formula, incorporating a different, and radically new concept: soul. Yep, the last blog just didn't permeate enough of my persona into, and I'm taking steps to changing that. Thus, Vision Imperial is reborn as reVISION.
2003 looks to be a milestone in my life; great memories will be made, and some memories have already been chiseled on the walls of my mind. I have a really good feeling about this year, other than the overwhelming dread that the Annunaki are returning to Earth to re-enslave the genetic project they call humanity and puppeteer homo sapiens in their dark agenda of stripping our planet of its rich resources. Freaky, ain't it.

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