Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Flip the switch.

Here we go. In one fell swoop (although it was technically a two month transition) I went from unemployed for over a year, surviving on a dwindling severance pay and expanding credit card debt as well as being a washed up community college super junior art major to being handed a flexible job at an art supply store, transferring to a university with a sufficient art program, and inheriting a job as the lab assistant for said university's graphic design department computer labs. It's not as overwhelming as I think it is, but the drastic change in behavior has been the oddest thing to cope with. At the height of this summer, I slept to nearly dawn and woke up at around noon. Just in time to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation on SpikeTv and shower before heading to Utrecht for work. Now I have to wake up at around seven in the morning to get to school, which is then followed immediately by work. The time I spend at home to myself has become rare opportunities for rest. As it stands, I spend at least one hour on the road every day to get to school and/or work. School every weekday, work every day. On top of that, I'm still a washed up artist, now I get to look forward to being a burnt out art student. Therefore, I have decided to reverse just about every routine, habit , and usual facet of mine. I can no longer allot time for art other than that which is relevant to my classes. I can no longer live nocturnally and prowl after dusk. I can no longer waste my life. I can no longer neglect my priorities.

Game Over. You Lose.