Thursday, April 03, 2003

blargh. just finished up eight hours of work today. apparently, i won't ever be furloughed (sent home due to lack of work) now that i learned a new workload. yay, i think? i think i can play hooky with work every so often, since my boss is pretty laid back. shouldn't over-do it, though. seems plans are confirmed for a snowboarding trip monday, april 14. that'll be a day i'll have to find a really clever excuse to get out of work. still thinking about the foolproof plan to pull it off. must confirm with ron about those discounted ski lift/rental package coupons, for i will try to invite a friend to snowboard with us.
T-Minus 11 hours, 15 minutes, 54 seconds until pure pain and havok will be wreaked upon my mouth, my wisdom teeth in particular. hopefully i can get the doc to hook me up with some painkillers like vicodin. that way i can pop those pills even after the pain is gone. drug addiction, here i come.
i was inflicted with the most heinous paper cut today. of all the injuries that could draw blood, these damned paper cuts seem to be the most painful. oh the irony of enormous pain coming from miniscule lacerations.

thoughts are running rampant with ways to ditch work, lying in pain, and why i can't seem to finish any drawings i do lately. jfdkl;ajfslkjflda.

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