Friday, January 23, 2004

Yeahhh. I had a total of 2 hours sleep last night, thanks in part to an extra long session of Jedi Academy. Those Dark Jedi had me craving for rematches and flawless duels. At around 11:30am or so, I was going through mild symptoms of disorientation, and my peripheral vision started to 'wiggle' to a very disturbing degree. It was cool and not-cool at the same time. I'm still kind of feeling weird as I type this, like things are real and not real at the same time. Like I'm in the Matrix and somehow I feel like there's something wrong with the world? I dunno, its odd. I attribute it to the abundance of Jedi Academy I've been playing, like when I activate Force Speed and the world kind of stretches like in The Fast and The Furious. Something like that.

Ok, so classes are coo, but books are KILLER. I can barely find my textbooks online. But it's coo, there's a very healthy amount of cute girls surrounding me in just about each class, which is great. And now I lost sense of what my point was. Bah.

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