Monday, December 31, 2012

Twelve Themes of Two Thousand Twelve: Moments (10/12)

In comparison to the previous year, I can clearly remember instances of sheer joy and accomplishment for 2012. These memories will be remembered as the most definitive experiences I have had thus far.

The Tattoo

2012 started with a garbled bang. I spent New Years Eve at my friend's house among a crowd of my former co-workers and copious amounts of beverages. The choice was a whim, but I had designed a tattoo a few weeks earlier and I jumped in the chair to get inked by my friend, and great artist herself, Heather. Watch the following video to catch a glimpse on my left shoulder.

The Tiger Cage Sessions

One of my greatest friends returned home this year, and that signaled the beginning of a more rigorous training program for our circle. From March into the Indian summer, we regularly met at the Cage to increase our strength for the years to come. It got so harsh one time that I was dry-heaving after a couple of circuits. Like a champion.

Art Mix

In the spring semester, I participated with an Installation and Performance Art class headed by Prof. Andrew Connelly. The major group project for the class was a performance art piece in April at the Crocker Art Museum, which we ended up doing twice that night. It was a symbol-laden execution of bodies in torrential conflict. It was a wet romp to a packed house.

The Big Orange

Somewhere in between classes and working out, I traveled to San Francisco many times in search of fun with the circle of friends that migrated there years ago. Most of those memories have faded in a wash of alcohol, but I like to mash them all up into one feeling that re-ignited my adoration for the City By The Bay.

The Graduating Class of 2012

After a lazy decade of bouncing around the "responsibility" of academic achievement, I finally graduated as a Bachelor of Art. Hooray. The celebration party was something that no one could forget, because I browned-out at a certain point that night.

Launch Festival 2012

In 2011, I attended this week-long series of events showcasing art, design, and music in Sacramento. This time around, Launch went to the next level and hosted across the city with its culminating concert at Cesar Chavez park in July. It was a hot day that heated up to the sounds of DJ Shadow and Chromeo.

The Cabin at the Edge

Our friend was able to book a couple of days in July at this quirky house overlooking Muir Beach. It was as debaucherous a weekend as one shall expect when you leave five dudes alone at Spindrift Point (guest starring two beautiful ladies).

Nature's Playgrounds

This was one of the funnest days I had all year. Not only did it involve some wonderful people, but we hiked to University Falls on a perfect August day. I will always remember how COLD and tasty the waters are at this beautiful location.

Diablo Grande

I will admit, I did not participate in the September run of Tough Mudder. A dedicated group of our friends took that risk. However, witnessing the thousands of people at this course, on that hot of a day, was inspiring and at the same time intimidating. We trained all year for the event, and their trial set an example for next year's attempt.

Party People

An important turning point for my year was the reunion of a core group of comrades. Three of them moved back to California, and one visits every few months. When the last member of the crew arrives, we tend to go bananas. The two or so times that we have joined forces this year reminds me how magnificent 2012 has been.

The LA-LBC Quest

With my funds dwindling in October, I decided to take a bus on my own to experience the wild world down south. What was a planned excursion to Los Angeles Long Beach turned into an astonishing march across LaLa Land. I was there for a few days and ended up logging roughly 15 miles of walking each day. Although I was forcibly acquainted with Union Station and the Metro system, I ended up strolling down Sunset to get a hot dog at Carney's because I saw the place in a music video. In addition, I enjoyed a magical bicycle tour of LA and LBC with a friend. To top it off, I got lost around the east end of downtown LA with a crackhead.

Behind The Scenes

This was a marvelous experience in November on set of the two-day shoot for Pixel Perfect, a short film directed by my friend. Yet another sequence of events where I lacked healthy sleep and had fun doing it. Being a gaffer and suffering through frigid weather take after take after take was well worth it. Very few moments beat wrapping a production with a great group of friends.

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