Thursday, January 10, 2013

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It has been a quick minute. As is hoped/expected, life brings fun times and memories. Music provides a backdrop for this, turning remembrances into something more. A harrowing journey, a joyous celebration, a THRSDYTHRWDWN.

Ah yes, Death Grips. The sound your parents and close friends do not want you to hear. When this video is played, expect to hear the actual track "Come Up And Get Me" from their second album No Love Deep Web around the 8:50 mark. The droning footage before the waves of thrash illustrate the elusive persona of the group. From my analysis, the video is filmed in the Los Angeles hotel they stayed at while they tussled with their record label. Before getting dropped from Epic, they leaked their own album. This music video serves as a twisted chronicle of rebellion.

Childish Gambino a.k.a. Donald Glover does not show up in this video for L.E.S. off his album, Camp. Instead we are treated to a joyride through the Lower East Side of New York and the lives of some of its citizens. Two of which are beautiful women making out in a taxi cab. Undisputed entertainment.

Alexander Spit may not be a front-runner in my betting list for the rap game. He does, however, get an honorable nod from me for being one of the few Asian cats in the league that also reps [San Francisco] California hard. Luckily, the female driving the car in the video is also a beautiful Asian, so viewing this video is enhanced. Every once in a while I tune into a playlist with him in it, which I collated as a volume of swag rap. It does not generate thoughtful monologues on the state of hip-hop or even a craving for a b-lo (and if he isn't Asian, it does show that being lit makes a person look like one), rather it satisfies a basic need for some thump.

This may be another member of the aforementioned swag rap category, but I shan't curse Theo Martins' contribution on "Killer." There is a modest level of oscillated bass and a gait beat, which I generally enjoy. Add a sweet female vocal line, and one can try to resist playing this once in a while.

The Wrecking Crew is more of what I like. Combining a paced story and tense situations, it makes me realize that productions like these do not occur often in the state of hip-hop. The decisive factor that makes "Scallops" a worthy addition to the M/V realms is that familiar sound.

At last, a change-up from the tides of a male-dominated rap flood. Kitty Pryde is one of last years sneaky gems. Quirky white girl does rap, and not half-bad at that. Fun Fact: the naming convention here is an enjoyable allusion to video games that is also employed by Mr. Frank Ocean.

BenZel, whomever you are behind that oddity of a psuedonym (apparently two Japanese kids??), I must thank you for this track and music video. "Fallin' Love" has just enough EDM with splashes of percussion that I have been thoroughly mesmerized. Please make a mix available on the internet post-haste.

Where did you come from, Sky Ferreira?? You are such a tender thing doing tender pop music that I must rethink my stance on many things in life. Keep making it, and I shall continue listening and watching like a lurky creeper.

Ryan Hemsworth produced some of my favorite music last year. It is a happy sight to see his work get the music video treatment. Get lost in the moment for a while.

Toro Y Moi is turning out to be a valuable player in my world of snappy tunes. I am often a sucker for dance-able beats. Even more for a video shot with the utmost direction to confound and attract. As a producer, he is putting up admirable work with other artists across genres. In addition, he is part Filipino, furthering my cheerful excitement. 

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