Friday, May 14, 2004

damn you Ale, for making me less of the wuss that i normally am. YOU WILL PAY.
so i made the call, and it was a good one. the first was in vain, but my attempt was returned, and the conversation lasted from the second i stepped out of the triple doors at work until i got into my car and exited the gates. i'd say a nice 6 or so minutes. from that moment on, i felt ALIVE.
it was fuckin surreal. if you know the history behind my motives, you would know that the person on the other end of the line and i exchanged a maximum of 50 words between each other throughout four years of highschool. i don't know what to think now. so many goddamn things are up in the air and i've nary a clue as to which choice to make. i'd try and wing it, work with every option, but i think i'm tired of that game by now. i just have to remember Joel Barrish and Eternal Sunshine.

in other news, i cruised around downtown/midtown with my cousins Dobhie, Geno, and Robbie, had fun and liquor at INK as well as dropping by Monkey Bar. life is feeling great.

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