Sunday, May 23, 2004


after work on friday, i went to this badass thrift store on stockton blvd called THRIFTOWN and scored two cool jackets. one is this brown corduroy coat with a nice furry collar trim, and the other is a green army-like jacket with furry collar and nifty golden buttons. they're both totally rad. i'll post pictures of my suave new look once i find some patches that could go with them.

friday night was ron's graduation romp at a hip restaurant bar on 16th and J st called Mikuni. its like a nexus for upscale white jerks and 'jawdropper' chicks. though our group was completely unsuited for the spot, we had a fun time making noise in our little area. i played something of the wingman for the night, turning on the killer charm in me to make the homeboys look good. and when i say killer charm, i mean belligerent asshole persona that gives the guys ample opportunity to be gentlemanly and woo the ladies. the night was a fucking blast. pictures of one half of the night can be found here.

saturday was another marathon event of kicking back and partying, where we chilled at orlandos drinking beer, chivas regal, and oysters hot off the grill. we then headed out north-eastward to a house party somewhere in el camino. i left early, but the party was pretty damned cool. there were DJ's spinnin in the patio, blazin white girls dancin, folks loungin in the outdoor couches and benches, Kiel operated his gravity bong, "Ralphie", Jasmine cooked filipino food, a keg of Hieneken (complete with guys upside down to drink it) and people kept filtering into the backyard every half hour. i think Jerald wanted to start spittin freestyles with Nick when i was about to leave. hell, even FRANK came out to play that night, as well as Anthony Reiher. as long as my folks are having a good time, i'm content to leave knowing this.

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