Thursday, May 27, 2004

and counting

wednesday night was a cool day to be out, despite the solemn undertone. i essentially cruised up and down sacramento today, from arden to elk grove. van, jaime, and i went to the mall, where i purchased some patches and they some cigars. afterwards, we stopped by the thriftstore, where jaime got some new (old) threads, and i ran into this punk rock guy i met this semester, andre. went to eat afterward, then chilled at home for a minute. jen calls, we talk for a few, then rob calls me out to chilis for a drink and food. in total, jen drank a blood mary, i chugged 3 guinness draught bottles, rob two stoli martinis, and he and i took a shot of courvosier. the waitresses working today were smokin. after chilis, jen (the DD) drives us to bev'mo, where we reserve a large keg of sierra nevada for the upcoming party. on my credit card. ouch. hahaha. after that, we drop by jaimes after he finished work and chilled looking for the next spot to head to. we finally decide on dropping by anthony's, since orlando wasn't able to kick it tonight. we smoke from his hookah, then decide to hit up a bar/restaurant for some drinks. the closest place of reputable beer vending was in elk grove, the world reknowned elk grove brewery. jaime, anthony and i order pints of varying choices, and rob goes for his favorite top-shelf martini, grey goose. altogether, we all order a pint a piece, from stouts, to black and tans, to ciders, to special ales. the best part was that the bartender was really cool, charging us for only three pints (when we ordered 6) because of the recent string of spring birthdays. we end back up at anthony's to wait for alex, and then waiting for jasmine/nick/pat. i depart before midnight, as the rest of them head over to jamie's for a night cap.

the mix of toxic materials i consumed today was GLORIOUS. marlboro menthol lights, newport 100s, raspberry tobacco via hookah, macaduno cigar, stoli and grey goose martinis, bloody mary, grain barrel stout, and cider.

and this is just a warm-up for friday's party of mayhem, HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

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