Sunday, May 30, 2004


the friday night party was insane. the return to mayhem was an overnight success, with relatively few hitches. the pace picked up at around midnight, when second and third degree invitees began to filter in; the reverie reached a fevered pitch at around 1am or so, after the toast to Rob's uncle Felix, who had recently passed away. with the profound words, advising that life be lived to the fullest with those you care and love, we whole-heartedly agreed, "FUCK DYING" (in the words of Pete). in some ways the night was also a reunion of people who had not spoken or seen one another in years, it was also a night of releasing inhibitions and letting loose. the details are far too many to chronicle, but i must say, that it was night of memories i'd love to keep, especially in my currently waning days of party animalism. i'm slowly losing my taste for hard liquors, beers, and cigarettes.

sadly, it has been a return to mayhem for my cohorts, but it's coming close to the requiem of my bacchalian spirit. true, this summer will have plenty more parties that i will jump to, but once fall rolls in, i believe i'm going to slow it down to a crawl. i just hope my hidden agendas will actually come together and revive me. i dont even know if i'm making any sense, because it has taken more than 24 hours for me to actually feel better about the friday night party, and that is not a good sign at all. add that to the realization that it has been the fourth time i've vomitted after hard partying in my entire 4 year career of revelry, and that the last three occured in this year alone... i need to just STOP and re-assess where i'm going with all this.

forgive me for the melancholy saturated in my entry, but the party really was fucking great. links to pictures will be given shortly.

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