Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Winds of War Scream

So it seems like the first 'guild war' is about to start on VOID, all thanks to Toast's suggestion that Respark takes on this small crew of newcomers to the ranks. which is INSANE, because Respark numbers at 9 strong when it comes to VOID fighters. I have respect for these new guys, but i do believe my guys will maim in the name of Respark. which is awesome. they're like my own personal army of digital warriors.

and all these events ride on the newest developments in the Respark collective. several cats have come out of the woodwork to rep Respark, which makes me glad. a couple of new guys have joined the ranks as well.

the Respark roster now swells with talent, which I could foresee taking this corner of the internet art world by storm.

it's really complicated how this enclave is even grouped together.

see, there are those who already have space and have actually made use of it:

2Coats (Ale Revolucion/Savage Henry)
Guru a.k.a Fithy
Joe Yega
Rockout Reggie

and then there are those who have yet to hop aboard, but have their spots already reserved:


and then there are the 'reserve team' of hostees that i acknowledge out of respect and love, but have yet to officially list them on the main page:

Ninja Matt

thats A LOT of talent. i think the only other group i know of that can match our size is probably dreamken. it's too bad that defuser and resnorm have all but gone kaput, because those were the heavyweight host sites that i modeled Respark after. i guess it's time to carry the torch of hosting artists.

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