Tuesday, June 01, 2004


it was a DOPE show. the perfect cap to a great summer weekend. originally, i was set to roll out to the Colonial with several folks, but i was only able to head to the show with Amador. it was coo though, because the show itself made up for the hour and a half wait in line and cramped-ness of the venue. the opening act was negligible, and as they finished i headed out to the front to jockey for a good enough position for taking pictures. when Kweli came to stage, the crowd roared with anticipation, and he immediately started his hour-long set with the first track on the leaked "The Beautiful Struggle" album called 'The Revolution.' for the most part, the line-up of songs were mostly from "The Beautiful Struggle" and "Reflection Eternal" with a few tracks from "Blackstar" and "Quality." it was fuckin great to be able to sing aloud a bunch of songs only a few of the folks in the crowd (including myself) knew. the only thing that bothered me was the damned venue itself, it was like a goddamned OVEN in there, and i could FEEL beads of sweat rolling down my legs every few minutes as well as wiping my face clean of a layer of perspiration. plus, the lighting in the theatre was horrible, which made most of my pictures turn out whack (only a third of them actually came out in useful quality).

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