Saturday, August 30, 2003

this sucks hairy goat balls. speaking of goats, theres one caged up next door that's been keeping me annoyed all day. my uncle needs to cook that fucker up already and get it over with.
and yeah.
this looks to be a boring ass labor day weekend. it's probably going to turn out to be more of a homework weekend, when i should really be avoiding school work. bahh. none of the usual crowd seem to be doing anything, and to top it off, i think my older sister is going out and having fun more than me lately. now that is just BULL. i remember on friday, we were just chillin at the CRC's cafeteria hall, and I ask, "what are we gonna do now?" and all we did was roll deep to my house and crowd up my room. it was cool to kick it with about 8 people stuffed in my small ass room, but shit, thats all i did that day. nothing came through yesterday and today. sure, i could have gone with Amador to see American Splendor, but maaaan...i didn't know if it would only be me and him going to see it. now that would be suspect.

but to debunk any suspicions...the girl that was my focus for the past few weeks just told it to me straight yesterday night.
i totally understand, i do. she had broken up with her boyfriend of about a year (?), and she told me she wanted to enjoy the single life. crud. seems like i always have to be the understanding one, and sit idly by until the girl makes up her mind. dammit.
well, there goes all the confidence i built up since the "incident" and the "moment." at least i can say, that for once, i didn't sit idly by, that i made something out of a situation and tried to keep it alive. bah.
off to the hunt i go once more. it's all good, i've got something of a "list" of girls, and i'm going to take my chances and run through the game all over again with each of them. woop-pah.

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