Wednesday, August 27, 2003

business and pleasure is getting better by the day, it seems. i'm on a pretty badass upswing from the downward spiral i went through early this year.
finished the pencils to my first page of sequential art. first time i've messed with sequentials in almost a year. looks like i haven't lost a thing, more like gained a dozen new ones. once i get the second page done, i can officially say i'm back in my art groove.
and's not raking any money my way, not yet that is. but the fact is that gears are finally in motion, and the artRIOT is almost underway. i'll be adding three new additions to the roster, one of them being my old icon, Chris Lee. Alex and Adam are jumping on for the meantime, too. i think they're getting back into their swing, and i'm helping them transition. lastly, is the talented "Xenogia" that Ryan came upon. He'll be hosted once they coordinate the plan for his website. on the horizon, i'm looking forward to hooking up with Jim, and seeing what he can do. and the chick we met in San Diego is a prospective recruit, which'll rock a-plenty. i still need to find some willing female artists to join the crew...

and pleasure...oh, the pleasure aspect... i'll keep this part a relative secret until i know that things are working my way. until then, know that i'm living it up...big time...-sniff- hm, i think i still have her scent on me still... hahaha.

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