Monday, February 10, 2003

Hmm. Choices, choices. I have a myriad of choices when it comes to striking it on my own in the world. I can possibly move out to Florida and live with my cousin Geno, who's going to attend a school there. That'd be cool. I could move back to San Diego and somehow survive in my old hometown. I'm not sure what the living costs are down there, but I'll find out should I roadtrip there this summer.
Or, the dreaded choice of living in Sacramento is a large possibility. Several friends of mine are planning to get apartments/houses in Saramento, so there's my opportunity.
Of course, the biggest factor of actually moving out would have to be a stable, well-paying job to support rent, bills, and car payments. I've got a weekend job pretty much locked, unless I were to somehow screw up like I usually do, and lose it in some pathetic way. Job hunting sucks, too.
Also, the matter of my own car plays a large role in actually getting a job, and keeping one. My best bet is to buy a car around 2 grand or less. I've also got to drastically cut back on excess spenditures like snowboarding equipment and miscellaneous items.
Did I forget to mention that I've got to pay to repair for the three car's I've damaged? Yep.

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