Saturday, January 17, 2004

I'm on a highway to hell

Nyahaha. I got completely NOTHING done this winter break. I was supposed to get about 10 pages of a comic finished, in hopes that I can print out a mini-comic by APE. BUUUT, it doesn't look like I'll be making that dealine. Although I'm pretty fucked there, I do have some good news to report. I've turned in my introductory freelance commission, and I should be thrown about three more gigs soon. Which meansssss, I'll be paid up-front for the upcoming merc werk. At about $50 a pop, that comes out to a cool $150 in the bag. I don't know what you might be thinking, but I'm thinking: NEW WEBSITE biyatches. Once I get that moolah to the bank, and I friggin replace my lost credit card (it's been lost since I got back from SDCC), I will more than likely purchase a new domain to replace the one I lost ( Whooooooos coming WITH ME??? I'll essentially be some kind of headmaster at an orphanage, because I have a duty to accomodate the former riotform kids, as well as pick up the other children who've come to me begging for shelter. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLLLL. Since I am oh so generous to my friends WHENEVER possible, I openly invite Jaime and Ron to hoard some space on here if they'd like. Yep, how would you like your own little slice of internet homepie, niggahz?

Oh, and it was Geno's birthday this past day, and we kicked it old school at his place. Several Warheadz breaking crew homies packed in his small ass room, it was great. Geno and I played Soul Calibur 2 for the longest time on his PS2, while the other cats were jammin on his MIDI piano and fiddling with Reason on his computer and freestyle flowing. 93 til, 93 til infinity.

P.S. My uncle just handed me a flyer about an open position for student assistants at the DOJ, upon my request a while ago. Hopefully I'll be able to land that job and/or keep the FTB spot. That would ROCK. But then again, getting the DOJ job might fuck up my school schedule royale with cheese. Gah.

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